Reels of Fire

1. Introduction

Reels of Fire is a 3x5 slot with 20 winlines that features a Free Spin bonus round and a persistent multiplier trail in the base game.


2. How to Play

  • Each press of PLAY will action each reel to spin to a random position. Wins are paid for matching some 2 of-a-kind and all 3, 4 or 5 of-a-kind symbols.
  • All wins are paid left to right. This game contains unique gameplay which is persistent from spin to spin. When you spin the reels, if a win is achieved on a winline, then a multiplier is incremented by x1.
  • The multiplier can go between x1 and x10 and is persistent in that particular stake. The multiplier increments by x1 on wins but also can go down by one on losing spins. The multiplier can never go lower than x1 or higher than x10. Any wins achieved are timesed by the current multiplier in play.

2.1 Set Your Stake

  • The player can choose their stake by pressing the arrow buttons on the left of the screen. The stake will be shown in the Total Stake meter.
  • Altering your bet will change the current multiplier in play. Should you return to your original stake, the multiplier is saved.

2.2 Features

  • During the game, beside the reels, the wizard may alter and modify a spin with one of three base game modifiers.
  • Magic Multiplier modifier: During the main game, on random occasions, a modifier can make the trail jump up a random number of multiplier increments on the ladder.
  • Rewind modifier: During the main game, the Free Spins trigger symbols come in on reels 1 and 3 which, in turn, creates an anticipation on reel 5. If the Free Spins trigger symbol misses reel 5, the Wizard may wave his magic wand and rewind the reel, so that the Free Spins trigger symbol is activated by being visible in the reel 5 window.
  • Wild Wizard modifier: During the main game, on random occasions, the Wizard, during the reel spins, will wave his magic wand and cast a spell on particular symbol positions. These symbol positions will then turn into ‘Wild’ symbols.
  • If 3 bonus scatter symbols land on reels 1, 3 and 5, then this triggers the 'Wild Furnace' Free Spins feature
  • When triggered, the dragon will take the current base game multiplier into the feature. All wins achieved within Free Spins are timesed by this multiplier.
  • 'Wild Furnace' Free Spins feature: The player will get 15 Free Spins and, during the play-out, there will be ‘Ignite’ symbols to collect. There is an ‘Ignite’ symbol trail at the bottom of the reels which is 15 stages long. Each reel will have 3 symbols below to indicate to the player they need to collect 3 symbols per reel. The symbols will always populate from the 5th reel to the 1st. Once a player has collected 3 ‘Ignite’ symbols, the 5th reel will then turn into a Wildfire reel. Should a player collect a further 3 more ‘Ignite’ symbols in Free Spins (6 in total), the 4th reel will turn fully Wild as well. This sequence will continue if the player has some Free Spins remaining. It is theoretically possible to get 15 ‘Ignite’ symbols during the Free Spin feature and, therefore, turning all the reels right to left Wild.
  • The ‘Ignite’ symbols will NOT have a value and will not be Wild, although they trigger the Wildfire reels.

2.3 Buttons

  • Pressing the rotating arrow icon, above the ‘PLAY’ button, will open a dialogue panel from which the player can access the autoplay options.
  • Pressing the ‘menu’ button icon, on the right-hand side above the ‘Auto Play’ button, will open the information from which the player can access the paytable information. The player can press the arrows back and forth to access all other game information. Pressing the ‘X’ button will exit the information and return the player to the main game interface.
  • Accessing the ‘cog’ button will allow the player access to toggle the sounds on/off and, on compatible devices, the player can also turn on/off the vibrate function. On launch of the game, the default setting will be ON for both of these options.
  • Arrow  buttons on ‘Total Stake’ adjust the player's total stake on each spin.

2.4 Paytable

  • Only the highest win per bet line is paid.
  • Line wins will pay from left to right only.
  • Adjustment of the stake will dynamically alter the awards in the paytable.

3. Game Recovery

  • In the event of a game in real play being interrupted, (i.e. started but not completed due to connectivity issues or accidentally closing the browser, etc.), depending on the previous state of the game, it will either resume from the point of the last spin or display the outcome of the game already in play. The current multiplier on that stake will also be displayed.
  • Any winnings will be correctly credited to the player account and will be exact according to the result prior to the game being interrupted.

4. General Information

  • This game has a theoretical Return to Player (RTP) of 94.01%.
  • The maximum payout of one spin in this game is 250,000.00.
  • System malfunction voids all pays and all plays.
  • Due to high production values of this game, lower-tier hardware may run into compatibility issues and, in certain instances, you will not be able to play.

5. Copyright

  • © 2017 CORE Gaming Limited. All rights reserved.
  • Unauthorised copying of any images or content by any means is not permitted.

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