Getting started:

Da Winci is a 20 line, 5 reel slot game. It features Free Spins, Fortune Bet and 4 reel bonuses.

How to Play:

Spin the reels to try to achieve 3, 4 or 5 of a kind reel wins, a reel bonus or the Bonus Wheel feature.

Set your bet

Da Winci has 20 win lines.

Select the 'Total Bet' button to increase or decrease the size of the bet.

Select the 'Fortune Bet' button to increase the bet by 50% and activate the double size bonus symbol.

All games are always played with 20 win lines.

Start the game

Select 'Spin' to start your game.

How to Win

Reel game line wins must match 3, 4 or 5 reel symbols on a win line.

Line wins must occur on adjacent reels beginning with the leftmost reel.

A line win can occur on any or all of the lines.

In case of a multiple possible winnings on the same payline, only the highest win will be paid.

Bonus Wheel

The Bonus Wheel is activated if Bonus symbols land on reels 2, 3 and 4. It is also activated if Da Winci completes all 12 segments of the Mona Lisa painting.

The Bonus wheel awards either Free Spins, Tank Reel Bonus, Cannon Reel Bonus or Aerial Screw Reel Bonus.

Every time a reel bonus is awarded, that segment of the wheel will be replaced with an extra Free Spins segment, increasing the chance of achieving Free Spins the next time the Bonus Wheel is triggered.

The Bonus Wheel feature is independently connected to each stake and progress made within this feature cannot be transferred to any other stake.

The feature will be in a reset state on any stakes that have never been played in Da Winci.

Progress made across any given stake will be saved to the player’s account.

If Free Spins are awarded, the Bonus Wheel segments will reset on the active stake.

Free Spins

Free Spins are awarded if the Bonus Wheel lands on a Free Spins segment.

Reel Bonuses

Reel bonuses can be triggered via the Bonus Wheel, or at random during any spin, excluding Free Spins.


Any Wild symbols landing in view during the reel game can substitute for all symbols except the Bonus symbol.

Bets and Payouts

Your winnings will be credited to your account immediately.

You will lose your bet amount if you lose the game.



Press the AUTOPLAY button to see the options. You MUST select the number of autoplay games, and your loss limit, before you have the option of starting the autoplay.

'Custom Loss Limit' refers to how much money you wish to lose before the auto play stops. For example, if you have £50 in your balance, and you choose a £20 loss limit, the auto play will stop as soon as your balance goes below £30, even if you have auto play games remaining.

You can either choose to accept the suggested loss limit, which is your stake multiplied by the number of autoplay games you have selected, or manually type in a loss limit by pressing the 'Custom Loss Limit' button.

Choose the 'More settings' option if you wish to stop the autoplay when you win over a certain amount.

Turbo Mode:

This increases the speed of a game by speeding up the reel spins.

Bonus Features:

Free Spins

At the start of Free Spins, a random number of Parachuting Wild symbols will drop on to the reels.

During Free Spins, Da Winci can trigger extra Parachuting Wild drops.

The Wild symbols move down by one reel position with each spin.

Free Spins continues as long as there are Wild symbols in view on the reels.

Reel Bonuses

Tank Reel Bonus:

The Tank Bonus shoots 2x1 Painting symbols on to the reels at random. The bonus is complete when the tank rolls away.

Cannon Reel Bonus:

The Cannon Bonus uses five barrels to fire Wild symbols on to the corresponding reels at random.

The cannon fires Wild symbols at the reels until it explodes.

Aerial Screw Reel Bonus:

The Aerial Screw Bonus shuffles reel symbols once they have landed to produce a winning outcome.

Mona Lisa Bonus

If a paintbrush lands during Da Winci's thought bubble, Da Winci fills in a randomly selected amount of the painting.

The Mona Lisa painting contains twelve sections, and a random amount of sections are completed each time the Mona Lisa bonus is entered.

If all twelve sections of the Mona Lisa are filled in the Bonus Wheel is activated.

The Mona Lisa feature is reset once the awarded feature has completed.

The Mona Lisa feature is independently connected to each stake and progress made within this feature cannot be transferred to any other stake.

The feature will be in a reset state on any stakes that have never been played in Da Winci.

Progress made across any given stake will be saved to the player’s account.

Once the Mona Lisa painting has reset, up to five sections of the painting will be filled in for the active stake.

Fortune Bet

Fortune bet can be enabled by pressing the Fortune Bet button, pressing the button again will deactivate Fortune Bet.

Enabling Fortune Bet doubles the height of the bonus symbol and increases the current stake by 50%.

Game Recovery:

Bet Recovery

Due to the nature of the communications medium for the game, the player may experience interruptions, delays or termination to the game play cycle.

In the event of an unexpected interruption/termination of a real play game, the game will recover to the last known state.

If for example, the game was started but not fully completed due to closure of the browser or connectivity problems, this will not affect the final result of the game after the game has recovered, and any winnings will be correctly paid to your account balance, and will be exactly according to the winning or losing result produced prior to the game being prematurely terminated.

General Information:

Wins from multiple pay lines and from bonus awards are added to determine the total win on a given spin.

3, 4 or 5 Wild symbols on any pay line will pay according to the paytable.

Once started, the Free Spins bonus will play out automatically.

The RTP is 95%.

The Mona Lisa and Bonus Wheel features could result in short term RTP fluctuations between 67.64% and 210.80%. Or between 71.97% and 183.76% with Fortune Bet.

This game has been independently fairness tested by NMi, a leader in Testing and Auditing with over 40 years of experience serving the gambling sector as an ISO17025 accredited testing facility.


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