Electric Wilds


  • Wild substitutes for all symbols except bonus symbols and the Rocky's Gold symbol
  • All awards shown are multiples of current stake/line
  • Malfunction voids all pays and plays.
  • Only the highest win is paid on each line.
  • The outcome of any game or feature is not necessarily that shown by the odds displayed.
  • The expected return to player is 96.00%
  • Due to the high production values of this game, lower quality hardware may run into performance and compatibility issues. In certain circumstances you may not be able to play the game.

Lightning overprint

At the end of every reel spin there is a chance that an overprint can appear on the bottom right hand side of any number of reel symbols.


When an overprint is in view this will light u the corresponding position on the 3 x 3 matrix display.


Every line, vertical/horizontal or diagonal, that is lit u will turn one symbol wild, i.e. all Jacks. Multiple lines lit will resort in multiple symbols going wild.

Each time a line is lit a decision is made as to which symbol goes wild, this is displayed in the dot matrix display.

When multiple symbols are chosen a history of each symbol chosen is shown to the player in the dot matrix display.

At the end of each spin any lightning overprint that is lit on the matrix goes through an individual 50/50 hold over process. The symbols can only hold over once only.

uper Lightning Overprint

There is a chance that a super lightning overprint may land on one of the reel symbols at the end of every spin. This symbol looks identical to the normal overprint but it will add a random number of lightning overprints to the 3 x 3 Matrix instead of just one, increasing the players chance of lighting multiple lines on the matrix


  • If the player gets a window full of the same symbol either via wilds and one symbol or just one symbol on all reels. This will trigger the repeater bonus.
  • The player will enter the bonus with the amount won from the base game and has a chance of winning that amount another 4x.
  • The player is presented with 5 old electric tubes. 1 broken and 4 not broken.
  • On pressing the start button the electricity will move across all 5 tubes and stoon one.
  • If the electricity stops on the broken tube then the bonus is over. If the electricity stops on the non-broken tube then the amount you won in the base game is added again to your win balance.
  • This tube will now break, decreasing the chance of the player getting a repeat. The player is asked to press the start button again and the sequence is repeated until the player selects a broken tube, the bonus amount is then awarded and the bonus ends.

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