Emperor of the Sea Mobile

About Emperor of the Sea

Emperor of the Sea is a five reel, 38, 68 or 88 payline, and 880 coin slot machine, including:
  • Regular symbols
  • Wild symbol
  • Scatter symbol
  • Free Spins bonus game
  • Paytable Achievements feature

Game Rules


  • Your bet is dependent on the number of coins and coin size played.
  • All payout tables display the number of coins or credits that are won for each combination.
  • All payout table win amounts in PlayCheck are displayed in coins.
  • The number of credits won is dependent on the total number of coins won multiplied by the coin size bet.
  • Only one regular winning combination is paid out per payline and you are paid out the value of the highest win.
  • Only one scatter winning combination is paid out per spin and you are paid out the value of the highest win.
  • Scatter and bonus wins are added to regular wins.
  • If you have a winning combination, the win is highlighted on the reels. If you do not have a winning combination, the game is over and you can play again.

Regular symbols

  • Matching symbols must be next to each other on an enabled payline.
  • Regular winning combinations pay out from left-to-right, starting from the first slot reel.
  • Regular payouts depend on your bet per payline.

 Wild symbol


  • This symbol does not substitute for the scatter symbol.
  • This symbol creates a wild symbol stack.

Scatter symbol


  • This symbol does not need to appear on an enabled payline to win.
  • This symbol cannot be substituted by the wild symbol.
  • This symbol does not appear during the free spins.
  • Scatter payouts depend on your total bet.

Free Spins bonus game

  • Any win activates the Rolling Reels™ feature, except for scatter symbol combination wins.
  • Winning symbol combinations are removed from the reels after you are paid out.
  • The symbols above the removed symbols shift position to fill the empty spaces. If a winning combination results from the shifting symbols, you are paid out again. 
  • This process repeats itself, increasing your chances of winning without betting on another spin.
  • The Growing Wilds™ feature is available during the free spins.
  • The wild symbol stacks on all reels.
  • The stack grows by one symbol per spin, starting from 8 symbols, until the stack reaches 15 symbols.
  • The stacked wild symbol completes winning combinations.
  • Free spins cannot be re-activated.
  • The last bet you placed in the game is used as the free spins bet amount.
  • Winnings are automatically collected during this feature.

 Paytable Achievements feature

  • Tracks your win status by highlighting symbol combinations you have won.
  • When you win all combinations for the same symbol it is highlighted.
  • Achievements are permanently highlighted on the payout table, even after you exit the game.
  • Regular game wins are logged as achievements.
  • Wild symbol substitute wins are not logged as achievements.
  • Free spins wins are not logged as achievements. 

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