81 Frutas Grandes

Game Rules

The video slot game, 81 FRUTAS GRANDES, has four spinning reels with symbols on them. Every time you spin the reels, they come to rest showing a random selection of symbols in the game window. There are altogether 9 symbols in the game. Certain combinations of symbols result in payouts.

You can choose the amount you want to bet on the 81 lines. For spinning the reels, you can use the Spin or the Autoplay buttons (on mobiles, Autoplay can be found in Options). When you use the Autoplay button, the reels spin automatically, using a fixed number of lines and bet you have chosen. The reels will stop spinning when the Stop button is hit.

How to Play

1. Choose your Bet using the - and + buttons below the Bet box. The relevant bet is displayed on the right-hand side at the bottom of the screen.

2. When you have made your bet selection, hit the Spin button to spin the reels. If the reels show a winning combination after they stop, you win according to the payout table.

3. When you hit the Bet Max button, you can play the maximum bet allowed in the game. After hitting the Bet Max button, the maximum amount of bet is set up.

4. When you use the Autoplay button, the reels will spin automatically using the fixed number of lines and bet you have chosen.

5. If you are not sure about your winnings, hit the "i" (Payout) button in the game window to see the winning combinations. If you win on multiple lines, your winnings are added up and the total amount earned is displayed in the Win box.

The video slot 81 FRUTAS GRANDES is enhanced with the WILD MULTIPLIER feature.


WILD is a joker substituting for all symbols in the game. Each WILD symbol appearing in a win combination doubles the line win. Depending on the number of WILD symbols the win line amounts to 2x line bet with 1 WILD symbol, 4x line bet with 2 WILD symbols and x8 line bet with 3 WILD symbols.

If the combination is formed purely from WILD symbols, it will be paid as the highest paying symbol in the game meaning the WILD symbols will also act as the higest winning combination on winline.

GAMBLE Feature

If the GAMBLE Feature is available, the following rules apply:

After every win, if you have not reached your GAMBLE limit, you will be presented with the GAMBLE button in the game window. On desktop computers, the Bet Max button changes to the GAMBLE button when the GAMBLE Feature is possible. You can choose to collect your wins or gamble them to double the amount. This feature is not available in Autoplay mode, which collects your wins automatically.

If you choose to GAMBLE, a screen with a face down poker deck will appear. You will have to guess whether the next card is of a black or a red suit. After you choose a colour, the card will be flipped and if your guess is right you receive double the amount of your current win. If you do not guess the right colour, you lose your current win.

In the GAMBLE screen the player has three options - 'collect win', 'GAMBLE win', or use 'take half'. If the player uses 'collect or lose all your win', he/she is redirected back to the game screen.

The Take Half button can also be used. It appears instead of the Bet Max Button when the player enters the GAMBLE Feature. It offers an option to save half of a player's win, which is collected and added to his/her balance after the GAMBLE Feature ends. The remainder of a player's win can be gambled further or the Take Half option can be used again. The Take Half option ends when the half is split into two numbers with two decimal places.

The GAMBLE button does not show up if the won amount is greater than a certain "limit" amount (which is set by an operator). If the player is already in GAMBLE and his current win is greater than the limit amount, then the GAMBLE Feature ends and the player can collect his/her win.

Game Recovery

In the base game, in case the player quits the game in progress and there is a win to collect, all their winnings will be properly stored and will be available to collect, once the player enters the game again. If the game is interrupted during the GAMBLE Feature, then the player will still be able to finish his/her feature. If the game is interrupted due to technical issues it is recovered and the player starts from where he/she left off once he/she resumes the game.

Pending games

Pending games shall be resolved within 90 days. Games that have pending winnings will be solved via auto collect and winnings will revert to player, game will be then set as finished.

Other rules

The winning symbols must appear consecutively one after another on a given active win line, starting at the leftmost reel, for the win to be granted. Only the highest win on a win line is paid. If a winning combination on a given line completely overlaps a winning combination on another winline, only the highest win will be paid out. The Payout is calculated by multiplying your bet by the winning combinations obtained in the spin. Malfunction Voids All Pays and Play.

RTP : 95.123%

Keyboard shortcuts

Bet -> Numpad+/Numpad-

Bet max -> B

Collect -> Space, Enter, 7, Numpad7

Paytable ("i") -> P, 8, Numpad8

Help -> H, 9, Numpad9

Exit -> Q

Autoplay (+stop) -> A

Spin (+stop) -> Space, Enter, Numpad0, 0, S

GAMBLE start -> 5, Numpad5

GAMBLE actions -> 5(red), 6(black), +Numpads

Last modification date: 3/10/2023