Welcome to 10 Hot HOTFIRE Video Slot with a Scatter!


10 Hot HOTFIRE Video Slot with 5 reels and on 10 fixed paylines oriented from the left to right. The game has eight regular symbols that win if two or more are lined up on a payline. There is a Scatter symbol that appears on all reels and pays at any position.


Scatter symbols pay on all positions.


  • Press the Spin button to start the game.


  • The values of the paytable adapt dynamically according to the bet settings.
  • To calculate a single payline win, count the number of identical symbols lined up in sequence on the payline starting from the left most reel and check this combination in the paytable. Only the highest win on the payline pays.
  • To calculate your total payline wins, repeat the above for all payline wins and add them all up.
  • If there is a winning Scatter combination, count the total number of scatters and check this combination in the paytable. For scatter combinations only the highest win combination is paid out.
  • To calculate the total win, add up all payline wins and the scatter win. It is of course possible that there is only a scatter win or only a payline(s) win.


  • Info – Shows paytable, explanations of the game features, and information on the paylines.
  • Sound – Change sound volume or turns it off.
  • Full Screen – Turns on and off full screen mode. (Desktop Only)
  • Rapid button – This button cycles (Normal speed, faster and turbo).

(Some features and options may not be available in your jurisdiction)


  • Bet Level – Increases or decreases the current bet.
  • Bet – Displays the current bet.
  • Max Bet – Sets the bet to the largest available. Pressing the button a second time returns it to its original state. (If available)
  • Spin Button – Places the bet and spins the reels. When the reels are spinning, the spin button transforms into the Stop Button. Pressing the Stop Button stops the reels immediately.
  • Autoplay (if Available) – Players can make the game play without pressing the spin button each time. Pressing the autoplay button a second time stops the autoplay.
  • Win – Displays the win for the current or last win payout step.
  • Balance – Displays the player's account balance.
  • If your operator allows coins, then bet level will be coin value and you will be able to toggle between coins and cash by pressing on the balance, bet or coin value field.

(Some features and options may not be available in your jurisdiction)


  • The expected payback reflects the theoretical return across a very large number of spins by numerous players over an extended period of time.
  • The overall theoretical return to player is 96%.


  • The reels are spun with a fair and equal chance for each stop position by a certified random number generator. For more information, visit http://www.yggdrasilgaming.com/en/about-us .


  • If your game is interrupted during play, you may replay the game round after restarting the game within hour/hours after interruption. After that time, any winnings from an interrupted game will be added to your account. If you choose to skip the replay, your win will be added to your balance immediately.
  • In any situation where the replay-functionality is not sufficient, please contact the support team of your gaming website.
  • In the event of malfunction of the gaming hardware/software, all affected game bets and payouts are rendered void and all affected bets are refunded.
  • This is game rules version 1, dated 27/04 2023. To make available any previous version, please use the contact form at https://www.yggdrasilgaming.com/contact

Last modification date: 5/12/2023