Diamond Tales: The Princess and The Pea


Game Type

Video Slot, 5 reels, 40 win lines


Fairy Tale, Princess


Snap Drop Feature

Diamond Tales™ Feature

Gamble Feature

Turbo Mode

Volatility Mode


Default maximum Win

50,000x bet

Hit Frequency (%)

Approx: 32%















Return (%)








RTP = 95.02%


Game Theme and Graphics

This fairy tale slot is based on the original Hans Christian Andersen story and awards players with magical wins on 5 reels and 40 win lines. Collect Pea Hearts and uncover the treasures of the Princess as she climbs her golden ladder high to a tower of big wins.

Main Game

Diamond Tales™: The Princess and the Pea is played on 5 reels and 40 win lines.

The aim of the base game is simple - collect Pea Hearts in the Special Reel to either take with you into the Snap Drop or Diamond Tales™ Feature or progress the story and reach the Sunrise Feature. For the player to progress through the features of the game, the player needs to fill up the Heart Collection Counter. Once a spin is made without landing any Pea Hearts on the main reels or a non-winning Snap Drop Feature, all values on Pea Hearts on the Special Reel are added to the Heart Collection Counter.

When the player collects enough Pea Hearts to fill up the meter, the Chapter will change and therefore upgrade the Diamond Tales™ Feature that can be won. For each chapter of the game there are different amounts of Pea Hearts the player has to collect to complete the Heart Collection Counter until the very final chapter with the Sunrise Feature.

Snap Drop Feature

The Snap Drop Feature can be triggered at any point in the base game. All the player has to do is land the Snap Drop symbol on the fifth reel and have Pea Hearts in the Special Reel. If the player lands the Snap Drop symbol with no Pea Hearts in the Special Reel, this counts as a near miss and does not trigger the feature.

The Snap Drop Feature awards the player with one free re-spin where only Pea Hearts with multipliers on them appear on the reels. The multiplier on the Pea Heart is defined by the number on the Hearts in the Special Reel above. If there is no Pea Heart in the Special Reel above, the reel will not re-spin when the Snap Drop is triggered. Therefore, one to five reels can spin on each Snap Drop trigger and each reel can have between zero and four Hearts landing.

After the re-spin, all multipliers on Pea Hearts on the main reels are summed up and this sum then multiplies the player's total bet.

Diamond Tales™ Feature

The Diamond Tales™ Feature is triggered by 3 Book Bonus Symbols landing on reels 1, 3 and 5.

The player enters the feature with one extra Heart added to every space in the Special Reel. Therefore, the player enters the feature with at least one Heart on every reel of the Special Reel. The player is then awarded 3 Free Spins, which reset to 3 every time a new Pea or Gold Diamond Heart lands on the main reels. If the player has 3 spins with no new Heart landing, the feature is over.

Pea Hearts land with the same multiplier on them as the number on the Heart above in the Special Reel.

Pea Hearts

If a Pea Heart lands on a reel, its value will be added to any Pea Hearts that previously landed on the same reel.

Gold Diamond Hearts

Gold Diamond Hearts work the same as Pea Hearts. However, instead of being summed up, the Gold Diamond Heart's value is multiplied by any new Pea Hearts that land in its reel. This happens every time a new Pea Heart lands, which means a Gold Diamond Heart can be multiplied a maximum of three times. In each consecutive Chapter of the game one additional Gold Diamond Heart is added to the Diamond Tales™ Feature.

Therefore, in the Sunset Feature only 1 Gold Diamond Heart is available but in the Sunrise Feature, up to 5 can land. Only one Golden Diamond Heart can land per reel. If the player only has a 1 on a Heart in the Special Reel, a Gold Diamond Heart cannot land on that reel.

Volatility Mode

The player has the option to change the volatility of their game by pressing the Volatility Mode button.

There are the following Volatility options:

Chapter I- Low

Chapter II: Low-Medium Chapter III: Medium Chapter IV: Medium-High Chapter V: High

Changing the Volatility Mode affects the hit rate of the Diamond Tales Feature and the number of possible Golden Hearts that can be in the Diamond Tales Feature.

Players can only choose a volatility when they have unlocked it in by getting that volatility's Chapter in game.


Base Game

The ‘Wild’ symbol substitutes all other symbols except Hearts, Snap Drop or Book Bonus symbol.

Line wins pay from left to right and the symbols must be consecutive. Highest win only paid per selected line.

Line wins are multiplied by bet per line.

Diamond Tales™ Feature

The Diamond Tales™ Feature is played using the same bet as the spin which triggered it. Each symbol represents its own reel and winnings are paid out at the end of the Feature. During the Diamond Tales™ Feature only Pea Heart symbols count towards a win, the greyed-out symbols don't award prizes. The Diamond Tales™ Feature cannot be retriggered. Pea Hearts that land during the Diamond Tales™ Feature don't contribute to the progress of the Special Reel and Heart Collection Counter.

Snap Drop Feature

Pea Hearts that land during the Snap Drop Feature don't contribute to the progress of the Special Reel and Heart Collection Counter. During the Snap Drop Feature the Diamond Tales™ Feature cannot be triggered.


The gamble option is disabled by default. When offered, it is limited to max possible gamble amount defined by the operator.

Last modification date: 10/23/2023