Gold Hit: Shrine of Anubis

5-reel, 4608-ways Slot

To play the game:

  • Press the button to start the game.
  • To open bet settings, press the coin button.
  • Press - or + above TOTAL BET to choose the total bet.
  • Press the lightning bolt button to activate Turbo Mode, making the reels spin faster. Pressing the button again ends the Turbo Mode session.
  • Press the SPIN button to spin the reels with the current bet.
  • During the reel spin the SPIN button changes into . Pressing ends the spin animation and immediately displays the spin result.
  • In the case of a winning spin, the WIN field displays the accumulating winnings.
  • Only the highest winning combination pays.
  • 3 or more matching symbols anywhere on consecutive reels from left to right trigger a win.
  • The Cash Prize Coin, Collect Coin, Red Scarab Coin and Bonus symbols are the exception to the rule above.


  • The reels are spun automatically in autoplay.
  • To display the list of options, press the Autoplay button, use the slider to select the number of spins to be played automatically, and then press START AUTOPLAY.
  • Autoplay can also be set to UNTIL FEATURE, which will spin the reels until Free Games is triggered or you do not have sufficient funds for the next spin.
  • During autoplay, the number of remaining spins is displayed.
  • Autoplay ends when:
    • The reels have spun the number of times specified.
    • You do not have sufficient funds for the next spin.
    • A feature has been triggered.
  • You can end autoplay by pressing .


  • To open the paytable, press the i button.
  • To navigate the paytable, scroll up or down.
  • To close the reference pages and return to the game, press the back-arrow button.

About Payouts:

  • Wins are calculated according to the paytable.
  • Wins are multiplied by the coin bet. The coin bet value is the total bet / 10.
  • Way win = coin bet × corresponding multiplier according to the paytable.
  • The accumulating winnings and all ways wins are shown for each winning spin. In the case of large wins, a win pop-up opens displaying the total spin revenue.

Maximum win limit:

  • The maximum win in the game has an upper limit. For more information, see the Terms and Conditions.

Wild Symbol:

  • The symbol with the word ‘WILD’ on it is the WILD symbol in the game.
  • The WILD symbol can substitute for all symbols except Bonus, Cash Prize Coin, Collect Coin and Red Scarab Coin symbols to make the best possible winning combination.

Bonus Symbol:

  • The symbol with the blue scarab and the word 'BONUS' on it is the BONUS symbol in the game.
  • 3 to 5 BONUS symbols on separate reels during the main game trigger the Free Games feature.
  • Please note: BONUS symbols can land on the same position as any locked Coin symbol, potentially triggering the Free Games feature.

Coin Symbols:

  • Coin symbols can land on all reels during the main game or Free Games.
  • There are 3 Coin symbols in the game:
    • Cash Prize Coin - a coin symbol with a cash prize amount on it;
    • Collect Coin - a coin symbol with the word 'COLLECT' on it;
    • Red Scarab Coin - a coin symbol with the red scarab on it.
  • Any Coin symbol that appears on the reels locks in position for at least 3 spins during the main game or locks for the entirety of the Free Games feature.

Gold Hit feature:

  • The Gold Hit feature appears in the main game.
  • When a Coin symbol lands on the reels, it locks in position.
  • A counter appears below the reel the Coin symbol lands on. It starts at 3 and decreases by 1 each subsequent spin.
  • If more Coin symbols land on the same reel, they also lock in position, and the counter resets to 3.
  • Filling a reel with Coin symbols awards the prizes on each coin symbol on that reel. On the next spin, locked Coin symbols spin off that reel.
  • Cash Prize Coin symbols award a cash prize equal to their value when collected.
  • Note:Cash Prize Coin symbols contain values of 0.5x, 1x, 1.5x, 2x, 2.5x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 10x multiplied by total bet.
  • Collect Coins gains a value equal to the sum of all coins locked on the same reel.
  • When a Collect Coin lands on the same reel with a locked Red Scarab Coin, it reveals the Red Scarab Coin’s value after the reel is filled.
  • Red Scarab Coins award 1 of 4 cash prizes when awarded:
    • MEGA prize value = total bet x 500
    • MAJOR prize value = total bet x 200
    • MINOR prize value = total bet x 50
    • MINI prize value = total bet x 20
    • Each prize is a fixed amount based on the bet value.
    • The prize is chosen at random.
  • Multiple Red Scarab Coin symbols can land on the reels simultaneously.
  • If you do not fill a reel with Coin symbols by the time the counter reaches 0, the Coin symbols locked on that reel spin off the reels on the next spin.
  • Please note: if any Coin symbols are locked on the reels when Free Games are triggered, they reappear on the reels when the main game resumes. Coin symbols are saved per bet level.

Free Games:

  • Whenever 3 to 5 BONUS symbols land anywhere on separate reels during the main game, the Free Games feature is triggered.
  • The more BONUS symbols that trigger the Free Games feature, the more free games you win:
    • 3 BONUS symbols trigger 10 free games
    • 4 BONUS symbols trigger 12 free games
    • 5 BONUS symbols trigger 15 free games
  • Press to start the Free Games feature.
  • When the feature is triggered, any Coin symbols in view are removed from the reels.
  • During Free Games, Coin symbols lock in position as soon as they land and remain locked throughout the feature. There is no counter beneath each reel.
  • When a reel is filled with Coin symbols, a wheel displaying several win multiplier values appears on the screen.
  • The multiplier wheel spins and lands on a value of up to ×10. That value is then applied to the prize on each Coin symbol locked to that reel.
  • When the Free Games feature ends, all prizes in view are awarded.
  • The results pop-up window appears when the Free Games feature ends.
  • Free Games cannot be retriggered.

All Ways:

  • There are 4608 possible winning combinations in this All Ways game.
  • Any winning combinations of matching symbols on adjacent reels from left to right must start from the leftmost reel, and will pay regardless of the symbol position on the reel.

Return to Player:

  • The theoretical percentage return to player (RTP) is 95.80%.
  • The RTP value is the theoretical return to player, calculated by dividing the total winnings by total amount bet from 1000000000 simulated game rounds.

Note on disconnections:

  • If you are disconnected from the internet during:
    • A spin, the reels will display the result after you reconnect and any winnings will be added to your balance.
    • A bonus feature or the triggering spin, you will be automatically directed to the feature after you reconnect.
    • Autoplay, the spin will be automatically completed, but further spins will not automatically commence.

Malfunction voids all pays and plays.

Last modification date: 7/3/2023