Cloud Quest

Unfinished Games

If your game round is disrupted, all game information and placed bets are stored until you re-open the game. You may continue your unfinished round from the point of interruption. Unresolved bets placed but remaining undecided in incomplete games will become void after 90 days and will be forfeited to charity. Malfunction voids all pays and plays.

Game Rules

The sky's the limit in Cloud Quest, the video slot in which levelling up in a game has never been so lucrative! Connect three or more matching symbols along any diagonal, horizontal or vertical line anywhere in the 5 x 5 grid to win. All rows and columns in the grid are active in each round, and any symbol can serve as part of multiple winning combinations.

After all winning combinations have been processed, symbols that comprise winning combinations are cleared, allowing any symbols that remain in the columns to fall into place and give you new chances to comprise winning combinations in the same round.

The game includes a wild symbol (the golden shield) that can substitute for any other symbol to help you comprise winning combinations. A wild symbol always replaces the middle symbol in a winning three-symbol combination to give you a better chance of creating additional winning combinations when symbols drop.

Before each round, a row in the grid is designated as the "BONUS" row. If you clear all 5 symbols in this row, the bonus round is triggered. If you clear all 25 symbols in the game grid, the kingdom honours you with a special reward!

The game also includes a Super Power symbol that triggers the activation of certain sections of the Super Power wheel. This wheel gives you the chance to win a free re-spin with one of four special super powers to help you win more. The re-spin is based on the same bet as you placed in the triggering spin, and there is no "BONUS" row.

The greater the number of Super Power symbols in the combination that triggers the activation of the wheel, the greater the number of sections on the wheel that will be activated (illuminated): On winning combinations of 3 Super Power symbols, one section of the wheel is activated. On winning combinations of 4 Super Power symbols, two sections of the wheel are activated. On winning combinations of 5 Super Power symbols, three sections of the wheel are activated.

A pointer appears and spins clockwise around the outside of the wheel. If it stops on an activated section, you are granted a free re-spin. The type of super power that will apply on your re-spin is indicated by the icon displayed in the middle of the Super Power wheel. The four different super powers are as follows:

Five of Fortune: On the re-spin, the prizes for all winning combinations are multiplied by 5.

Emblem of Endurance: On the re-spin, two “enduring” wilds fall in on different positions on the grid to help you comprise winning combinations. These wild symbols remain on the grid unless you hit a combination comprised of all wilds.

Mark of Multitude: On the re-spin, you enjoy extra wilds generated by winning combinations: The middle symbol in a combination of three matching symbols is replaced by a wild. The two middle symbols in a combination of four matching symbols are replaced by wilds. Three alternating symbols in a winning combination of five matching symbols are replaced by wilds.

Scatter of Success: On the re-spin, all symbols can act as scatter symbols to generate extra wins. The maximum payout for any scatter win is the same as the payout for a combination of 5 consecutive symbols of the same kind in the main game. Only up to three sections of the Super Power wheel can be activated by scattered Super Power symbols during this feature. Wild symbols can drop in on the initial drop, but no new wild symbols appear after winning combinations are achieved.

The bonus round is triggered when all five symbols in the designated "BONUS" row have been cleared. At the start of the bonus round, you are randomly awarded 5-20 free bonus spins on a three-reel, single-line slot machine. Your objective is to defeat the enemy monster on each of five different stages using these bonus spins. To defeat each monster and move to the next stage, you must achieve a certain number of winning combinations. This number differs for each stage. Alternatively, you can defeat any monster instantly by hitting a combination of three bonus marks. When a monster has been defeated, you win three additional bonus spins and advance to the next stage to face the next monster.

The payouts for winning combinations in each stage increase since each payout is multiplied by the number of the stage you have reached. When you defeat the fifth and final monster, you are awarded a special prize equal to 100 times your total bet! You also receive two times your total bet for every bonus spin that you have not used.

The game also allows you to collect an experience point (XP) for every monster you defeat so you can brag to your friends and fellow gamers when you reach max level!

The RTP is 94.64%.

Bets are selected using the bet buttons in the bottom part of the game. Click the plus and minus buttons to change the bet one step at a time. To start the round, click START. When the symbols land, the symbols displayed determine your prize according to the paytable.


Changing Your Bet- Click any of the five bet buttons to select a bet or use the plus or minus buttons to increase or decrease the bet by one step.

Paytable - Toggles the display of the paytable.

Auto Play - Click the AUTO PLAY button to enable/disable the Auto Play feature. In Auto Play mode, a number of consecutive game rounds are initiated automatically using your current bet. The Auto Play mode is automatically disabled depending on your settings or if your balance becomes too low.

Start- Starts the game round with the currently selected bet.

The maximum win from a single game is £250,000.


Last modification date: 12/24/2020