Suerte De La Oca



  • You can play the game in either FUN or REAL mode.
  • In fun mode, you are playing just for the fun of the score. In real mode, you are playing with money from your real money balance.
  • Your balance is shown in the BALANCE box both in fun and real mode.
  • Your wins are displayed in CASHPOT (except for the Direct Wins and Bonus prizes that go directly to your balance). Press Collect to move your wins from Cashpot to Balance.


  • Your Bet amount is displayed in the BET box. To set the bet amount, use the ‘-’ and ‘+’ buttons in the BET box.
  • The bet amount can be changed only when the CASHPOT is empty.


  • Click and hold the SPIN button for continuous spin. Release to stop.
  • When CONTINUOUS SPIN is on, some win animations and sounds are skipped, the reels spin faster and the game results are displayed faster.


  • To select the number of autospins, use the AUTOPLAY options panel.
  • Pressing the OK button initiates the AUTOPLAY session. Pressing the CANCEL button closes the panel.
  • CASHPOT UP TO box displays the autoplay Cashpot limit. Once the Cashpot limit is reached, the Autoplay stops. Use the ‘-’ and ‘+’ buttons in the CASHPOT UP TO box to adjust the Cashpot limit value.
  • When Autoplay Mode is on, the game will play until the selected number of autospins is played or until you turn it off or until the Cashpot limit is reached or the Bonus Prize is won.
  • The number of remaining spins is displayed on the AUTOPLAY button.
  • You can end the autospins session earlier by clicking the AUTOPLAY button.


  • The game has 1 reel.
  • The paytable is displayed above the reel.
  • The CASHPOT displays the sum of current highest level wins of each tower.
  • Clicking COLLECT moves the money from the CASHPOT to the balance and switches all towers to stage 0.
  • Once all levels of a tower get highlighted, each time the corresponding symbol lands again, the top prize for this tower is awarded (Direct Win). Direct Win amount is not added to Cashpot and goes directly to the Balance.
  • Once all three towers get highlighted, the Autoplay stops and the Bonus prize displayed above the towers goes directly to Balance. Each new landing symbol will award the corresponding Direct Win prize. To win another Bonus prize, the player needs to fill the towers from stage 0.
  • The maximum win in the game has an upper limit. For more information see the TERMS AND CONDITIONS section.



  • If you are disconnected from the Internet in the middle of the game, log in to the casino again. Once you have reopened the game, you will be able to continue playing from the point where the game was disconnected.


  • Malfunction voids all pays and plays.
  • The average RTP (return to player) is 92.53 - 97.61% based on user strategy.

Version date: 2020-09-15

Last modification date: 8/25/2022