Tetris Super Jackpots

How To Play


  • Use the '+' and '-' buttons to select your bet value.
  • Press the SPIN button to initiate a game.
  • The game contains an AUTOPLAY function that allows the player to select a quantity of games for continual play.
  • Select your desired number of spins by clicking on the numbered buttons that are revealed when you press AUTOPLAY.
  • Click 'Stop' to cancel AUTOPLAY.
  • Autoplay is stopped when a Bonus event occurs.

Base Game

  • Paytable reflects current bet configuration.
  • Only highest winner paid per winning combination.
  • All way pays are multiplied by the bet multiplier.
  • Line pays must occur on adjacent reels, beginning with the leftmost reel.

Tetrimino Feature

  • On any spin, the Tetrimino Feature may activate.
  • If the Tetrimino Feature is activated, 1 or 2 Tetriminos will be randomly placed on or above reels.
  • Each Tetrimino placed on or above the reels will appear as one of the following:
  • Tetriminos may appear as a rotated version of the symbol.
  • All positions covered by the Tetriminos will be randomly replaced with:

  • During the Base game, if the BONUS symbol is covered by a Tetrimino, that symbol is still counted towards any potential bonus trigger.
  • For each reel, any position above the reel that is covered by a Tetrimino will constitute an additional row for that reel.
  • The maximum number of rows that can be added to a reel is 4. The Bonus symbol is not evaluated on additional rows.

Free Game Bonus

  • 3 scattered BONUS symbols appearing on reels 2, 3 and 4 trigger the Free Games bonus.
  • During the Free Games bonus, the reel array will expand in size to contain 5 reels and 8 rows.
  • During the Free Games bonus, any spin that contains a winning combination will generate a Tetrimino Watermark. The Watermark will appear as one of the following:

tet (1)
  • Watermarks generated will then fall to the bottom of the array.
  • If a Watermark's descent is impeded by another Watermark, it will fall to rest on top of the impeding watermark.
  • The Free Games bonus will continue until a Watermark clears through the top of the array.
  • If an entire row is covered by two or more Watermarks, those Watermarked spaces within that row will clear and award the player a cash value.
  • Once a row has cleared, the player will be awarded with a cash award of 20x the total stake. Additionally, any Watermarks above will cascade down to the farthest open position within the reels.
  • If more than one row clears in a single spin, the cash value is increased.
  • The Free Games bonus will continue until a watermark clears through the top of the array.
  • The BONUS symbol does not appear during the Free Games Bonus.
  • Winning combinations for these reels are identical to the Base game.

Jackpot Bonus

  • The Jackpot Bonus is only available during the Free Game Bonus.
  • During the Free Games bonus there is a chance that one of the Watermarks will be generated and display as a Golden Watermark.
  • If a Golden Watermark is part of a line clear combination, the Jackpot Bonus is triggered and the player will be awarded with either the Mini, Minor, or Major jackpot.
  • The value of each jackpot is determined by the total stake, the values are:
  • Mini: 50x total stake
  • Minor: 250x total stake
  • Major: 2500x total stake

Reel Ways

  • Winning combinations may contain only one symbol from each adjacent reel, beginning with the leftmost reel.
  • Like symbols on a single reel are not part of the same winning combination, but may create separate winning combinations.
  • Total bet is 50 credits multiplied by the bet multiplier.


  • Malfunction voids all pays and plays.
  • RETURN TO PLAYER = null%

Last modification date: 5/16/2018