Taco Brothers Saving Christmas

1. Taco Brothers Saving Christmas is a 5 reel video slot with 243 ways to win. 

2. The game offers 12 bet levels for each currency.

3. Each bet is 100 coins.

4. A game round starts on the selected bet level when the player hits the Spin button.

5. The game can be played automatically by activating Auto Spin. Keep the Spin button pressedand select the number of game rounds to be played automatically.

6. Winnings and winning combinations are paid out according to the pay table.

7. A winning combination needs to have at least one non Wild symbol.

8. All winnings are presented in coins and paid out in the selected currency.

9. The Taco Brothers symbol is Re-spin Scatter and Wild. Two Taco Brothers symbols trigger aRe-spin on any reel not holding a Safe or Taco Brothers symbol. The Taco Brothers symbol isWild and substitutes any symbol except the Safe symbol.

 10. The Bell symbol is Wild and substitutes any symbol except the Safe and the Taco Brotherssymbol.  

11. Three Safe symbols trigger the Escape Free Spins. All line winnings in Free Spins aremultiplied 1, 2 or 3 times depending on the multiplier revealed when a Safe explodes.

12. Escape Free Spins present two new symbols, Senorita and Cpt Diaz.

13. Escape Free Spins continue until all Taco Brothers escape or have been imprisoned by CptDiaz. The Brother symbols drop one at the time and become Running Wilds. Running TacoBrothers get imprisoned if Cpt Diaz appears.

14. The Senorita Push Back helps Running Brothers to more of the Taco Treasure by pushingthem to the right. A Running Brother symbol on the same row as the Senorita symbol getspushed all the way back. Brothers on other rows are pushed back one or two steps depending ondistance to Senorita's row. Once pay lines have been settled, any imprisoned Brother will bereleased by the Senorita.

15. Bets can not be changed during an ongoing game round or in Free Spins.

16. The theoretical payout (RTP) is 96.4% 

17. Maximum win is 150 000 coins.18. In the event of malfunctions all bets and wins are void. 

Last modification date: 5/15/2018