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You don't need to make any deals with the devil to cover for prizes! Simply play Faust™and earn the heart of beautiful Gretchen as you seek the source of inexhaustible wealth. Mephisto won't cause you any trouble, as your pact for happiness and fortune is sealed on the machine's 5 reels and 10 prize lines!

Your goal in Faust™is for the symbols to stop in the correct order on the prize lines. All winning combinations can be found on the slot paytable.

Free spins

If the "Mefisto" symbol appears 3 times anywhere on the reels, you will be awarded 10 Free Spins, which you will play with the BET and prize lines you choose on your last spin. A random symbol will then be chosen during the free spins. This symbol can cover an entire reel and increase your winning options, but only if there are enough symbols to form a winning combination.


Faust™is a single player Casino game that belongs to the slot machine category. Every time you enter a game, you start a (game) session. Each session is a different and completely independent game. Previous game sessions have no influence over the current course of the game. Each game starts when you place a bet and ends when you leave the app. Your current game session ends when you exit the app.

The following bet and payout rules are valid for this game:

RTP (return to Player): 95.09%

The maximum win from a single game is £250,000.

Maximum bet per session: your available balance in your account. Logging into your account is not possible during a game session.

Minimum bet per round:€0.20

Maximum bet per round:€50

Maximum amount in the game of double or nothing: 5000€

Here you can also see the trajectory of the prize lines. You will be able to show the prize lines again after each round with the "lines" and "Bet/line"functions.

Number of lines

1 to 10 prize lines: you can decide before each round how many lines you want to play with.

Online Awards

If you get 2 identical symbols, you win prize. Each line Award starts with the first roller on the left and runs smoothly from left to right along the line Award.

Wildcard and Scatter

Mephisto symbol: acts as a wild and bonus symbol.The wild substitutes for the other symbols and helps you supplement line prizes and increase your win. If it falls on multiple paylines, each wild can act as a different symbol for each Payline and generate multiple paylines. Wild symbols retain their appearance, even when they replace other symbols.

Scatters give prizes anywhere, regardless of the trajectory of the prize lines. To win you need to get 3 Scatter symbols. 3 simultaneous Scatter symbols trigger 10 free spins.

Game settings and structure

First, choose the amount you want to play the entire session with. Next, set your personal game settings and start your game.


"Lines": here you can choose the number of lines you want to play with (you can't modify it in free games)."Bet/line": here you can set the bet amount per line for the next round (you cannot modify it in free games)."Paytable": here you can check the prizes distributed by the machine, and your possible win is calculated automatically according to what you bet.

Game mechanics

"Play": by clicking" play", you start a spin and start the game. In a normal game, the bet you set is deducted from your game balance."Auto-game": by clicking on" Auto-game", you start a certain number of auto-spins. When this option is enabled, the button text changes to "stop"."Stop": click "Stop" to stop the spins automáticas.Si you finish the spin with a prize, you can bet it again in the double or nothing game and double it if you are lucky."Fold": if you win prize, the "fold" button appears on the screen.

By clicking on it, you open the game double or nothing. If you win in this game you double your round prize, and if you lose you run out of prize. The chance to double your prize is 1 to 1.

"Collect": if you win a prize, The "collect" button appears on the screen. By clicking on it, you add your round prize to your game balance. Please click "collect" if you don't want to bet your round prize in the double or nothing game.

All winning combinations are read from left to right along an active Payline, except Scatter symbols, which give prizes anywhere on the reels, regardless of the path of the paylines. You'll only get the highest prize you get on each prize line. Scatter prizes are added to the total sum of your line prizes.

Last modification date: 10/14/2020