Pork Chop

Game Rules

Pork Chop is a 5 reel, 20 line slot game, with a humorous Samurai theme. The game features four different Bonus Feature Games and 3 base-game Bonuses.

How to play

To play the game:

1. Choose your total bet

2. Spin the reels.

For a detailed description of the payouts, see section Payouts. For bonuses, see the Bonuses section. For autoplay, see section Autoplay.

RTP (Return to Player)

The overall game theoretical RTP is 95.0%

Pay outs

Standard (non bonus symbols) winnings only occur on bet lines. Winning lines are paid from left to right. The winning lines are displayed in the paytable information.

3 or more consecutive instances of the same symbol from the 1st reel on a winning line awards a winning amount. Winnings are determined by the corresponding symbol on the paytable. Only the highest possible win on a winning line is paid. WILD substitutes for all symbols except the bonus symbols.

Three or more bonus symbols will trigger a Bonus (see Bonuses section)

The sum of winning amounts from all valid pay lines is immediately credited to your wallet at the end of a game round, which is after a paying spin or after no more bonuses remain. 


The appearance of 3, 4 or 5 Bonus symbols will trigger a Bonus Feature Game. The player will be taken to the Bonus Game Selection screen which shows an array of Lotus flowers and the player is requested to pick flowers which in turn reveal symbols that add to 4 different symbol trails. Each symbol trail relates to a different Bonus Game, and so the trail that is completed first dictates which Bonus Game is awarded to the player.

The 4 different Bonus Feature Games are:

The Pig ‘n’ Mix Bonus: The player is shown 5 different flag banners each of which contains multiplier prizes, a “Pig Out” symbol and an arrow. The game animates the available symbols on the lowest flag and player is asked to stop the animation. When the animation stops the player is awarded the symbol that is lit. If this is a multiplier then this is added to the total winnings which is expressed as a multiple of the player’s total stake. If the awarded symbol is the “Pig Out” symbol then the Bonus Game is over. If the awarded symbol is an arrow, then the player is moved to the next flag which contains higher multipliers. The Bonus Game is over when a “Pig Out” symbol is awarded.

The Reel Squeal Bonus: This is a Freespins bonus with “sticky WILD” symbols. Any WILD symbols that land whilst the Freespins play out stick in place and are carried through for the duration of the Bonus Game. The Bonus Game is over when all the Freespins have been played off.

The Piggy Banker Bonus: The player is asked to spin a wheel that contains numbers and “BUST” symbols. Each number that is spun in adds to the players number of “piggy bank shakes” which is shown across the top of the screen in the form of a trail. At certain points along this trail are “safe points”. If the player progresses past these points then a BUST symbol on the wheel will only reduce the player’s number of shakes to the value on the last safe point. Before the first safe point is reached a BUST symbol on the wheel will remove all the players shakes and the Bonus Game will be over. At any point the player can choose not to spin the wheel (and risk losing some shakes) and can instead collect the accumulated shakes. Once collected, this will be the number of times the piggy bank is “shaken”, each shake generating a cash prize. The Bonus Game is complete when the player has used all the available shakes.

The Streaky Bacon Bonus: This is a Freespins bonus with huge stacks of symbols on each reel which mean that very big wins become much more frequent. The symbol that is stacked can change from one Freespin to the next. The Bonus Game is over when all the Freespins have been played off.

There are also 3 different base-game Bonuses that can occur at random during normal base game play. These are indicated by the Pork Chop character in the corner of the screen who occasional produces a bomb. If the character uses the bomb rather than throwing it away then a Bonus is about to occur. The 3 different Bonuses are:

Catch Me If You Ham: This introduces a Win Multiplier to the current game, and all resulting wins are then multiplied by the multiplier and the total is paid to the player.

Nudge Nudge, Oink Oink: This Bonus transforms a losing base game spin into a winning combination by nudging the reels round until a winning combination is achieved.

Chop ‘n’ Change: This Bonus transforms a losing base game spin into a winning combination. The Pork Chop character “chops” a reel into two halves each of which then turns into an identical symbol combination. This can happen on more than 1 reel. The resulting wins are then paid to the player.

Autoplay (where available)

Autoplay plays a number of spins automatically. Open autoplay option by pressing down the AUTOPLAY button.

In the autoplay options, set the number of spins, then start autoplay. Autoplay stops when no spins remain or there is insufficient balance. The player can stop autoplay and return to normal play by pressing STOP AUTOPLAY.

Depending on your jurisdiction and operator, you may have to set limits before you start autoplay, which when exceeded stops autoplay. There could be limits for the amount lost overall (loss limit) and the amount won during a single game round (single win limit). If you are playing in a jurisdiction that requires this, autoplay will not work until you complete these settings.

Connectivity and malfunction

Players cannot be unfairly advantaged or disadvantaged by disconnections or network interruptions. In rare and exceptional circumstances where a game state cannot be restored, such a malfunction voids all pays and play.

The maximum win from a single game is £250,000.

Last modification date: 6/8/2020