Chilli Chilli Bang Bang

1. Introduction

The goal of the game is to get a winning combination on a winning line on the reels.

Game specifications:



Number of rollers


Number of lines


Number of lines

20 (Fixed)

Number of tokens that can be bet

20 (Fixed)



Double function


Auto Spin function


Wild symbols


Multiplier symbols


Scatter symbols




Free tours


Instant win


RTP (Return To Player)



200 tokens per line (without multipliers)

The game disconnects in case of inactivity for a certain number of consecutive minutes (the number varies according to the laws in force); the session save function saves the progress of the game so that when the game is reloaded, it starts again from where it was left.

In the event that technical problems interrupt the connection to the game server, the game you were playing with is automatically saved and reloaded when you re-establish a connection to the game server. It is not possible to reconnect to the game server within 30 seconds of disconnection.

Note: in case of malfunction all payments and bets are canceled; all bets not yet accepted are canceled, all pending bets are refunded.

2. How to play

Note: If you do not have enough money for a game, the bet can be set to a minimum, thanks to a special dialog.

All pay lines pay from left to right, except those Scatter. Wins on different lines are added together. Only the highest payout of each line is paid. The free spins wins and the Scatter wins are added to the total payout.

On the information bar the active BET, the BALANCE and the current WINDS are displayed, in their own currency, in addition to CREDIT in tokens.

3. Special symbols and functions

3.1. Wild

The Wild symbol can replace all other symbols, except the Scatter symbol, to form winning combinations.

3.2. Wild "rambling"

During normal rounds, at random, the Chillihuahua symbol turns a normal Wild into a wild "rambling" Wild.

With each spin, for a random number of laps, the "stray" Wild moves to the next position on the reels, while all the previous positions will keep the Wild without turning.

When the "wandering" Wild stops moving (ie when it does not move to a close position), normal play is reactivated.

Note: Before the player can receive another "rambling" Wild on the reels, the active one must reach the end of the course.

3.3. Wild superimposed

At the beginning of a normal round, at random, the Chillihuahua symbol turns reels 2, 3 or 4 into special reels where the player can view overlapping Wilds for the current lap.

3.4. Scatter

Scatter symbols can only be displayed on reels 1, 3 and 5 (only 1 for each reel) and award prizes based on the pay table.

3.5. Giro Scatter

During a normal round, at random, when the player displays a Scatter symbol on roll 1 and another Scatter symbol on roll 3, roll 5 will access "by a hair" mode.

During this mode, the player can get a multiplier applied to any winnings of the current round or a Scatter on the reel 5, which allows a bonus round to be activated.

3.6. Bonus

During normal rounds, three Scatter symbols (Bonus) displayed on the reels activate the Bonus round.

During the first phase of the bonus round, the player can randomly win one of the following types of free spins:

Free Spins Wild "rambling": the Wild displayed during this type of free ride are Wild "rambling";

Free overlapping Wild spins: during these free rounds, the Wilds are displayed superimposed;

Free spins Increasing multiplier: each Scatter symbol displayed on the reels is acquired; the winnings obtained from each free round are multiplied by the current number of Scatter symbols acquired.

Note: For the wild "wandering" spins, the current "wandering Wild" must finish its path before another can be assigned.

After setting the type of free spins, the Bonus round continues with the next phase where the player can win a random number of free spins.

When the number of free spins is defined, the player can start using them.

4. Auto Spin function

Leak limit settings allow you to automatically stop the Auto Spin feature, when the selected limit, plus total winnings, minus total bets, is less than 0.

Note: The Auto Spin function does not automatically start the free spins, the player's intervention is required.

5. Other keys of the game

5.1. Desktop version

The following keys are available:

Tasto Info

Click to open the winnings table where you can find:
Information on payments received for winning combinations, in tokens;
Information on special active functions, special symbols and their countervalue or relative benefits;
The lines of play and the basic rules of the game
Tasto Stop autospin

(available only while the rollers turn) Click this button to stop the rollers in advance.

Tasto Desktop SKIP

(available only in animations for winning) Click this button to ignore the winning animations

Impostazioni Mobile

In the lower left part of the game screen, click on this button to open the settings panel.

Impostazioni Mobile

In the lower right part of the game screen, click on this button to access the full screen view; to exit this mode, click on Mobile Settings or press ESC on the keyboard.

Tasto Audio

In the Settings panel, click on the button to activate / deactivate the sound of the game.

Tasto Cronologia

(in game mode only) In the Settings panel, click on this button to see the session history in a new browser window.

Tasto Home

In the settings pane, click on this button to close the game and open the homepage of the website in a new browser window.


In the winnings table, click on this button to consult the rules of the game in a new browser window.


(disponibile solo in determinate giurisdizioni) Nella finestra delle impostazioni dei GIRI, spostare l'interruttore accanto all'opzione TURBO su ON per attivare la funzione per velocizzare il gioco (viene ridotto al minimo il tempo dei giri); spostare l'interruttore su OFF per disattivare la funzione.

The maximum win from a single game is £250,000 

Last modification date: 7/9/2020