Instant Euroleague Legends

Game overview


The Instant EuroLeague Basketball game will allow players to place bets on matchups between EuroLeague teams. These matchups will show real footage from previous years combined with different parts of those games to allow an RNG-based outcome to the matchup. The betting options are presented in a similar way to betting on real basketball matches. However, rather than being based on actual events, the game outcomes are determined by a random number generator (RNG) with weighting applied in proportion to the listed odds.

The significant advantage is that the matches are played on demand, which means you can watch them whenever you choose rather than waiting for a game to happen.


Matches are played “On Demand,” so once a bet is placed, the game will start specifically for you. Each game is uniquely generated and will run only for you.

Determining Return to Player (RTP)

The customer can see all the possible outcomes and the payouts offered for all markets presented in this game. This feature allows the player to calculate the exact RTP of the market if they wish.

Minimum Bet and Maximum Win

Betting in Instant Euro League Basketball has limits. We have various minimum and maximum bet limits that may be encountered.

These limits are dynamic and will vary depending on the type of bet. However, they will kick in to prevent you from placing bets for which we would not have returned the full payout.

We do this to ensure that you always receive the amount listed as a payout if your bet wins. If a limit would prevent this payout, you will be asked to amend your bet amount before the submission is accepted.


You can set your odds to be Fractional, Decimal, or American. All of these have their nuances, and your preference depends on what you are accustomed to.

These options are just different systems for calculating or comparing the return and have no impact on your returns.

The default is Decimal, where the stake is multiplied by the Decimal to calculate the return.

Users should be aware that, by their nature, Fractional and American odds are rounded to the nearest number.

Therefore, in cases where the game or user is playing with Fractional or American odds, calculations will be based on the Decimal equivalent.

The Decimal values should be considered being the proper and correct values to two Decimal places.

Basic Navigation

Each game has two randomly selected teams, and the betting options are explicitly calculated for them.

If you do not like the selected teams, you can press the “Next” button on the top of the screen, and it will randomly choose two new teams. If you wish to return to the previous matchup, you can press the “PREV” button on the top screen, and it will go back to the last matchup that was presented.

The main screen shows all the details and betting options. The stats bar, which is located at the top of the screen, shows both teams’ information.

All betting options for the game are presented below the stats bar.

Once a game has finished, you can “REBET” or “REBET X2” for the same teams to play again or go to a new match.

Placing a Bet

You can select a bet by clicking on the odds, which will add the selection to the betting slip. The bet’s value can be defined in two ways: either by the default stake on the bet slip which will apply the value to all bets or by editing the amount box in line with the selection in the bet slip itself.

The bets for any match are closed and considered submitted once you select “SUBMIT & START” match. If your game is interrupted for any reason, you can watch it again from the bet history screen.

By selecting the bet history option on the menu, you can view your bet history. This history includes the latest matches, results for those matches, and any wins and returns. Furthermore, you will be able to see a replay of the game so that you can always look back and check what happened.

Once the match beings, your bets are presented to the right of the video stream. There is an option to skip the game and immediately get the results.

Using this option will not affect the match outcome or your winnings, and you can always go back and watch it from the history screen.

A malfunction leading to a game being generated incorrectly for any reason will void bets for that game and return any stakes.

Rewards Bar

After playing ten games, you can unlock the “Choose Matchup” option to pick your favorite matchup. After every pick, the bar resets, and the rewards are re-activated once you reach ten games again.

Bets Explained

We offer a wide range of betting options. The following section aims to help you understand these bets.

Main Game Bets

Moneyline – Full-time game winner 1/2 (93.5%)

Moneyline is a straight bet on the match’s outcome, either a home win or an away win.

Handicap – Full-time game-winner with a variable spread (94%)

This bet involves each team receiving a “virtual” advantage to balance the odds in several directions to create multiple types of bets.

This is calculated with the result +/- the handicap number to find the handicap winner. For example: Team A -6.5 vs Team B + 6.5.

If team A wins by 6 points or less or loses the game, team B wins the handicap bet.

Under/Over (U/O) Full- time – Number of match points (94%)

Betting on how many points will be scored in the game’s final score:

For example, U/O 160.5 means that every score of 160 or less will be under, and every score of 161 points or above will be over.

Under/Over (U/O) Team total (Home & Away) – Number of points each team scored in the match (95%)

Betting on the number of points the home or away team will score in the match. For example: Home team U/O - 80.5, Away team U/O – 77.5.

Winning Margin (91%)

Betting on the final result’s winning margins (for both teams). In this case, you have five options:

1-3, 4-7, 8-12, 13-18, 19+

Half-time Bets

Under/Over (U/O) Half-time – Number of points that will be scored by half-time (94%)

Betting on the number of points that both teams will have scored by half-time. For example: U/O - 79.5.

Half-time Handicap – Half-time game-winner with a variable spread (94%)

This bet involves each team receiving a “virtual” advantage to balance the odds.

This is calculated with the half-time result +/- the handicap number to find the handicap winner.

For example: Team A -3.5 vs Team B + 3.5.

If by half-time, team A leads by 3 points or less or is losing the game, team B wins the handicap bet.

Even/Odd bets

Total game Even/Odd (95%)

Betting on whether both teams’ results combined creates an even or odd number. For example:

Team A – 80 vs. Team B – 78.

80 + 78 = 158, which is an even number.

Team Total Even/Odd (95%)

Last modification date: 11/13/2023