Bear Money

1. Introduction

  • Bear Money is a 5x3 slot game with 10 lines and a spin and multiplication bonus.

2 How to play

  • Spin the reels by pressing the spin button to try to get 3, 4 or 5 of the same symbols on a payline.
  • Select the change bet button to increase or decrease the amount of the bet.

2.1 Automatic play

  • Hit the autoplay button to see the options.
  • You have to select the number of autoplays and the loss limit in order to start the autoplay feature.
  • The "custom loss limit" indicates the amount of money you don't mind losing before the autoplay stops.
  • For example, if you have a £50 balance and set a loss limit of £20, autoplay will stop as soon as your balance drops below £30, even if you have any remaining autoplay games remaining.
  • You can either accept the suggested loss limit (which is your bet multiplied by the selected number of auto spins) or manually set a loss limit by clicking the "Custom Loss Limit" button. Choose the "More Settings" option if you want to stop auto play when you exceed a certain amount of winnings.
  • Select the autoplay button during autoplays to stop them.

2.2 Turbo Mode

  • Turning on "Turbo Mode" speeds up the animation of the reel spins to increase game speed.
  • This does not affect the outcome of the game.

3 Rules of the game

  • All games are played with 10 win lines.
  • Prizes can be awarded on any winning line.
  • Only the highest prize is paid for each winning combination.
  • All prizes are paid on adjacent reels.
  • Earnings will be added to your account immediately.
  • If you lose the game, you will lose the amount wagered.

4 functions

4.1 Spin and multiplication bonuses

  • A spin and multiplication bonus will be triggered if six or more canasta symbols land on reels 1-4 and a trigger symbol lands on reel 5.
  • During a bonus spin and multiplication, any position that does not contain a basket or bear symbol will re-spin up to 5 times.
  • When these extra spins are completed, all win lines and values shown on all in-play basket symbols will be paid out for each in-play bear symbol.

4.2 Opportunity to roll

  • The spin opportunity is activated automatically if the credit drops below the current game price, while it is greater than zero.
  • This offers the player the opportunity to bet their remaining credit in an attempt to win an additional spin on the current bet.
  • To play Roll Chance, select the "PLAY" button to start moving the pointer around the meter.
  • You can also select the "NO THANKS" button to exit Spin Chance with remaining credit.
  • If the pointer stops on the green segment, a roll is awarded on the current bet and is played automatically.
  • If the pointer stops on the red segment, the player loses any remaining credits and exits to the base game.
  • The red and green segments are proportional to the amount of credit relative to the current bet. The probability of winning a spin is determined by this ratio.

5 Overview

5.1 Game Recovery

  • In the event of an unexpected interruption/termination occurring in a real money game, the game would be reset to the last known state.

5.2 Billing information

  • The game complies with all relevant regulations and technical standards of the Gipaltar Gambling Commission, the Malta Gambling Commission and the Great Britain Gambling Commission.
  • The user's chances of achieving a certain result are always the same.
  • This reflects the theoretical profits after a high number of plays over an extended period of time.
  • Any combination of winnings in a single game is capped and will not exceed £250,000.00.
  • It may be impossible to reach this limit in a single game regardless of the betting settings.
  • This game has been impartially and independently tested. Estimated payment of this item: 96.50%.
  • In the event of errors, all payments and items are voided.

Last modification date: 5/25/2022