Triple Irish


  • TRIPLE IRISH is a slot machine with 5 reels and 3 rows, with 20 lines and a free spins feature.
  • The SPIN button starts a spin with the selected bet.
  • By pressing AUTOSPIN you will play automatically with the number of selected spins.
  • In the event that a combination of symbols were to give more than one win, the combination with the highest winnings will be awarded with the configuration that produces the highest multiplier.
  • The winning combinations and the prizes are decided according to the PAYTABLE. The wins that appear in this table have the value of the currency that is being played with during those moments.
  • The Wild symbol can replace any other symbol except the Bonus symbol.
  • If you obtain 3 BONUS symbols in the regular feature, the free spins feature will be launched.
  • If you get 2 BONUS symbols in the regular feature, you will earn 1 respin with one of the 3 features chosen at random: hat, shamrock or horseshoe.
    • Hat: From 2 to 4 Wild symbols randomly appears on the reels
    • Shamrock: The 3 central reels will synchronise and show the same combination of symbols.
    • Horseshoe: Once the reels have stopped, one reel will move upwards or downwards to obtain the best winning combination. This only happens if it improves on the original combination.


  • Three Bonus symbols award 10 free spins.
  • At the beginning of the feature, one of the 3 features is selected randomly: hat, shamrock or horseshoe.
  • The feature obtained will be triggered for each spin in the feature.
  • If you get 3 BONUS symbols in the feature, an additional feature will be awarded (hat, shamrock or horseshoe) from those that have not been already obtained, and the free spins counter will be reset to 10.
  • The features obtained are activated in each spin in the following order: hat, shamrock and horseshoe. Once you have obtained all 3 features, if you get 3 BONUS symbols again this will just reset the free spins counter to 10.
  • The "Free Spins Bonus Feature" is played at the same betting level as the spin that activated the feature.
  • If the player doesn't click the "Continue" button for a certain amount of time, the free spins feature will start automatically.
  • If the game gets interrupted during a free spins bonus, the game shall randomly complete the round and store the winnings. Upon the next connection to the game, the winnings shall be credited to the player's balance and a complete replay of the bonus round shall be available at the 'Historical Betting' interface.


FRBs (Free Round Bonus) are rounds that you can enjoy completely for free. They come at the discretion of the operator, not from regular play. If you have FRBs you will be notified when the game loads and a notification window will also be shown when the FRBs run out in order to notify you that the next round will cost the established bet amount. The value of the bet cannot be changed and the rules of the rounds are the same as the normal playing mode.


The user return (RTP) is 95.5%. The maximum prize achieved during a simulation of 2,000 million games was 435.05 times the bet, with an occurence probability of 1:2000000000.

This maximum price contains all winnings due to an unique spin in the whole simulation. That includes all features, minigames or free spin stages triggered in that spin.

Additional Information

  • Incomplete games will be automatically resolved. Any winnings from automatically resolved games shall be paid upon next connection to the game. Replay functionality can be used to review completion of the game. All winnings remaining to be paid from incomplete games shall be discarded after 24 months of the initial incomplete game.
  • If a technical error occurs in the game hardware/software, all of the bets and payments made will be cancelled.
  • For further information, check out the operator's website.

Last modification date: 10/13/2023