Star Trek Episode 3 - The Trouble With Tribbles

Game Rules

Base Game


  • WILD substitutes for all symbols except FEATURE.
  • Only highest winner paid per winning combination.
  • Paytable reflects current bet configuration.
  • Line pays must occur on adjacent reels, beginning with the leftmost reel.

Feature Description

  • 3 or more scattered FEATURE trigger the "TRIBBLE PINBALL FEATURE".
  • Triggering the TRIBBLE PINBALL Feature will award one medal.
  • Only highest winner paid per winning combination.
  • Winning scatter pay combinations pay in any position on the reels.
  • All scatter pay awards have already been multiplied by the total line bet.
  • Scatter pays are added to payline wins.


  • The TRIBBLE PINBALL Feature shoots Tribbles into a playfield. The Tribbles bounce around and fall into one of the tubes at the bottom, determining the monetary award for each Tribble.
  • Monetary awards in the tubes have already been multiplied by the total line bet.
  • When a tube is filled, no more Tribbles may enter that tube.
  • If a Tribble lands in the 2x cup in the playfield, all values are doubled for that Tribble, including the Door Feature.
  • If a Tribble lands in the Extra Tribble cup, it stays there until the COLLECT tube is filled. At that point, it changes into 2-3 more Tribbles which are released individually and fall into one of the tubes at the bottom.
  • The TRIBBLE PINBALL Feature keeps going until 3 Tribbles fall into the COLLECT tube or all scoring tubes are full.
  • If the first 3 Tribbles land in the COLLECT tube, an award of 30x, 40x, or 60x times total line bet will be given.
  • All Awards in the TRIBBLE PINBALL Feature have already been multiplied by the total line bet.
  • A Star Trek Medal is awarded for landing a Tribble in the 2x cup, the Extra Tribbles cup, or revealing a crew member in the DOOR Feature.

Door Feature

  • Filling the DOOR Feature tube triggers the DOOR Feature.
  • Three Initial picks are awarded in the DOOR Feature.
  • If Tribbles are revealed, a monetary value of 1x - 25x times the total line bet is awarded. If a crew member is revealed, 1 - 3 extra picks are awarded. If 1 extra pick is awarded, a monetary value of 5x - 10x times the total line bet will also be awarded.
  • When the DOOR Feature is finished, the TRIBBLE PINBALL Feature resumes.

Win Warp Description


  • The win warp bet is an additional forced wager of 10 times the bet per line amount. The win warp feature may occur at the end of a winning spin that does not trigger a FEATURE.
  • The win warp awards one of 4 random features and then all pays are re-evaluated.
  • Kirks Gone Wild -
    A green alien woman dances over the reels turning all KIRK symbols into KIRK WILD.
    KIRK WILD substitutes for all symbols except FEATURE.
  • Scotty's Wild Reel -
    Scotty appears and fills 1 or 2 of the reels entirely with WILD.
  • Spock Multiplier -
    Spock appears and multiplies the win for 3x - 10x.
  • Enterprise Fly-By -
    After the Enterprise flies by, the symbols in all the winning combinations change into one of the following symbols: INSIGNIA, WILD, SPOCK, KIRK, UHURA or FEATURE.
  • WILD substitutes for all symbols except FEATURE.

Star Trek Medals

  • Medals are saved automatically to the player's account when they are awarded.
  • Logging off or closing the browser window will not delete or remove the accumulated medals.
  • One MEDAL is awarded each time the feature is triggered.
  • Also, additional medals may be won during each feature.
  • See individual feature description for more medal information.


  • Wins on multiple paylines are added together.
  • The total bet is the number of lines multiplied by the cash bet on each line plus the feature bet.
  • Total line bet must be divided equally between each active payline; therefore, all total bet amounts are not available.
  • Only active paylines can register wins.
  • Malfunction voids all pays and plays.