Vegas Rush


Introducing the game

Vegas Rush is a MEGACLUSTERS™ game where symbols split and react, allowing up to 100 symbols to occur. Vegas Rush features MEGATRAIL™ which adds random bonuses to each spin.

How to play

Select your stake by clicking the left and right arrow buttons on the stake. The stake value is displayed in the stake display.

All payouts are multiplied by the stake of each inpidual spin.

Auto play

To set up Auto play press the Auto button. This will display Auto play panel which the player can use to modify the number of spins, set a loss limit or set a win limit. When a loss limit has been set the player can select Start to commence auto play.

When Auto play is on, the Play button will change to a Stop button. The remaining Auto plays will be displayed in the Stop button. The player can cancel Auto play by clicking the Stop button. Auto play will stop automatically if any of the limits set is reached or anything occurs that requires player intervention.

Auto play may not be available in your jurisdiction.

Start the spin

Press the Play button to start the spin at the stake displayed.

The symbols will cascade from the top, displaying the result.

Bonus Buy

Press the Bonus Buy button to access the Bonus Buy menu.

You may buy 6 Free Spins for 60 times the Free Spins Stake.

The Free Spins Stake can be changed by pressing the plus and minus buttons on the Free Spins Stake display. The Free Spins Stake will apply to each Free Spin.

Press the price to buy the bonus for that price. The price will be deducted from your balance.

Bonus Buy may be limited or unavailable in your jurisdiction.


A MEGACLUSTERS™ slot is a symbol matching game where winning symbols split and react.

Vegas Rush is a MEGACLUSTERS™ game that begins with 5 rows and 5 columns.

When wins occur, each winning symbol is replaced by 4 smaller symbols.

When wins occur with these smaller symbols, symbols of the same size above them collapse downwards and new symbols drop in from the top of the screen to fill available positions on the board.

Reactions continue until no more wins occur.

Reactions occur after all coinciding wins have been paid.

Symbol Wins

Wins consist of 5 or more matching symbols of any size, horizontally or vertically adjacent.

Highest win paid per winning cluster.

Payouts are multiplied by stake.

All winning combinations are added together. See PAYS for further information.


Wild substitutes for all symbols.

Wilds substitute for adjacent symbols only and do not pay in clusters.

The MEGATRAIL™ can add Wilds with displayed multipliers of up to x5 to the screen.

All wins are multiplied by all displayed multipliers on Wilds participating in that win.


Vegas Rush has a MEGATRAIL™ with 12 rungs that is randomly determined every base game spin.

A rung is activated each time win reactions occur, starting from the bottom of the MEGATRAIL™ and progressing upwards.

Rung 12 contains a Bonus Prize of up to 1000 times stake, and Rung 7 awards 6 Free Spins.

In addition to the Bonus Prize and Free Spins award, at least 3 Random Bonuses will be added to the MEGATRAIL™.

Rung 1 of the MEGATRAIL™ is always blank, and Rung 2 will always contain a Random Bonus.

When the Bonus Prize at Rung 12 is awarded, no further rungs can be activated until the next spin.

Megatrail™ Bonuses

There are 12 types of Random Bonuses:

1. Wilds: Up to 10 Wilds are randomly added to the screen.

2. Multiplier Wilds: Wilds with up to a x5 Multiplier are added to the screen.

3. Symbol Explosions: Every instance of the displayed symbol will remove all symbols in its row or column.

4. Symbol Subpide: Every big instance of the displayed symbol will turn into 4 smaller symbols of the same type.

5. Symbol Upgrade: Every instance of the displayed symbol will upgrade to the symbol indicated.

6. Symbol to Wild: Every instance of the displayed symbol will become a Wild.

Megatrail™ Bonuses (continued)

7. Mega Wild: A grid of 4 Wilds will be added to the screen. Two grids of Wilds are added in the Free Spins.

8. Win Multiplier: A Multiplier of up to x11 for the entire spin is awarded. Bonus Prize is not multiplied.

9. Explosions: Up to 3 explosions, in the shape indicated, will remove symbols from the screen.

10. Symbol Duplication: Five big instances of the displayed symbol will be added in a row or column to the screen.

11. Mega Explosion: All of the symbols in the top, bottom, left or right half of the screen will be removed.

12. Max Megaclusters: All big symbols are replaced by 4 smaller symbols.

Free Spins

When Rung 7 of the MEGATRAIL™ is highlighted in the base game, 6 Free Spins are awarded.

An enhanced MEGATRAIL™ will be randomly determined once for the entire Free Spins, with a Bonus Prize on Rung 12 of up to 2000 times stake.

When Rung 7 of the MEGATRAIL™ is highlighted in the Free Spins, 3 additional Free Spins are awarded.

The maximum number of total Free Spins is 99.

In addition to the Bonus Prize and Retrigger, at least 6 Random Bonuses will be added to the MEGATRAIL™.

Rungs 1 and 2 of the MEGATRAIL™ will always contain Random Bonuses.

The stake that was used to trigger the Free Spins will be used for the Free Spins duration.

At the end of the Free Spins, the total winnings for the spins will be displayed. Any winnings will be credited into the players account and regular play then resumes.

Return to Player (RTP)

The Return to Player (RTP) is the theoretical statistical percentage of the total money bet in a game that is paid out as winnings over time. Values are calculated initially by piding the total payouts by the total bets from a simulation of numerous game rounds. Values reflect the maximum expected RTP and do not change.

The RTP is defined at different stages or modes of the game.

Overall RTP: 96.44%

Bonus Buy RTP: 96.45%

General Information

System malfunction voids all pays and plays.

Last modification date: 6/2/2023