Spinal Tap


Get ready to ROCK in this 5-reel 243 ways slot and pay tribute to the UK's loudest rock band! Trigger Rock Mode on any spin to activate 2 additional reels allowing 2187 ways to win. Shred through 7 Bonus Rounds inspired by the iconic movie, experience the exclusive V.I.P Guest Pass and turn it up to 11!

Step 1: Getting Started

  1. Click the TOTAL BET button to increase or decrease the amount of your TOTAL BET. Select from the list of available stakes from the Total Bet options (depending on Operator configuration and currency equivalent).
  2. There is an Autoplay function in the game that will start each spin automatically. If you wish to cancel this during your auto spins then simply press the Stop Autoplay button.

Step 2: How To Play

  • Press 'SPIN' to start the game.
  • The reels will spin and eventually stop at random.
  • If the combination of symbols appearing on the reels forms a combination of 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 matching symbols (starting from the left) then you win. Any winning ways you have will be highlighted and your winnings will be credited to your account balance.
  • 3 or more Bonus Scatter symbols anywhere on the reels awards the Bonus Picker.

Way Wins

  • Way Wins are awarded for left to right adjacent symbol combinations.
  • All Way Wins pay left to right except Bonus Symbols.
  • Multiple winning combinations awarded per way.
  • Payouts multiplied by Way Win bet.
  • Total Bet is 30x Way Win bet.

Wild Symbol

  • The Wild Symbol(s) can be used to help form wins by substituting for other symbols.
  • The Wild Symbol(s) cannot substitute for Special Symbols or Bonus Symbols.

Rock Mode

  • The SPIN button is stylised like a volume dial, during any spin this can be "turned up" should the volume reach 11 then ROCK MODE will be activated.
  • The volume dial is not guaranteed to reach 11.
  • When ROCK MODE begins 2 additional reels will be added creating a total of 7 reels on screen allowing for 2187 ways to win.
  • A large vinyl record will appear on screen and begin to spin, this has a range of numbers on an inner ring and 4 modifiers on the outer ring.
  • The vinyl record will eventually stop, where the needle points will determine the outcome of ROCK MODE.
    • Heavy Duty Wilds: The specified number of reels will be transformed into Wild Reels. Each Wild Reel can be triggered up to 5 times turning the Wild Reel into a multiplier.
    • Wild Sparks: The specified number of reel positions will be converted into Wild Symbols.
    • Rock 'n' Roll Spins: After the reels stop any winning symbols are held in position, the reels will re-spin and any further winning symbols will also be held. The number of re-spins is determined by the number indicated on the wheel.
    • Bonus Odyssey: The specified number of bonus symbols are added to each reel.
  • The first outcome received can either be collected or rejected, if rejected the vinyl record will spin one more time however this second outcome will be collected automatically.

VIP Guest Pass

  • The optional VIP Guest Pass can be activated at any time before a spin.
  • By pressing accept you agree to wager the value displayed (which is equivalent to 50x your current bet).
  • Once accepted ROCK MODE will start immediately.

Bonus Symbol

  • Bonus Symbols are valid anywhere in view.
  • 3 or more Bonus Symbols will start the Bonus Picker feature.
  • It is possible to earn more than 3 Bonus Symbols in a single game, each additional Bonus Symbol will eliminate the lowest available bonus during the Bonus Picker.
    • 4 Bonus Symbols: Double Platinum eliminated.
    • 5 Bonus Symbols: Double Platinum and Don't Fret It eliminated.
    • 6 Bonus Symbols: Double Platinum, Don't Fret It and Record Deal eliminated.
  • Achieving 7 Bonus Symbols will immediately award The World Tour Bonus.

Bonus Picker

  • Landing 3 or more Bonus Symbols in view will activate the Bonus Picker round.
  • Select from Vinyl Records to reveal Bonus Icons.
  • These Bonus Icons will tally in a panel to the left of the screen, revealing a complete set of Bonus Icons will activate the corresponding Bonus.
  • A special STAR Icon can be revealed which will eliminate bonuses from the panel.

Bonus Gamble

  • Once a Bonus has been awarded from the Bonus Picker 2 Gold Vinyl Records will appear, at this point you can either take the awarded Bonus or choose to Gamble by selecting 1 of the Gold Vinyl Records.
  • If a Gold Vinyl Record is selected it can reveal 1 of 3 possible outcomes.
    • UP ARROW: You advance to the bonus above your current bonus.
    • MYSTERY CASH: You lose your bonus and are awarded a mystery cash prize.
  • Bonus Gamble can continue until the player decides to collect or reaches the top feature which will be activated automatically.
  • The odds of winning during the gamble feature are not necessarily the odds shown.

Double Platinum Bonus

  • The player will be taken to a new screen with a Fortune Wheel and 3 Band Member images.
  • The Fortune Wheel is composed of 3 Rings each divided into segments. Each segment contains a multiplier value.
  • Selecting a Band Member will reveal one of the following outcomes.
    • ARROW: Adds an Arrow to the Fortune Wheel which can progress you to the next Ring.
    • MULTIPLIER BOOST: Increases random multipliers on the Fortune Wheel.
    • SPIN: Spins the Fortune Wheel.
  • The first outcome received will be collected. If the Fortune Wheel lands on an ARROW 3 times consecutively then you are awarded The World Tour Bonus.
  • All other Free Spins (Stairway To Hell, Encore, Stone Henge) can also be awarded during the Double Platinum Bonus.

Don't Fret It Bonus

  • The player will be taken to a new screen with a guitar on either side and 3 Boxes in the middle.
  • The player picks a Box and reveals 1 of the following outcomes.
    • BLUE ARROW: Advance up the blue values.
    • RED ARROW: Advance up the red values.
    • BLUE GOLD-ARROW: Advance to the maximum blue value.
    • RED GOLD-ARROW: Advance to the maximum red value.
  • TAKE A PRIZE: Once revealed no more advances can be made, the Boxes will highlight and reveal one of the following.
    • WIN RED: Collect the current red value.
    • WIN BLUE: Collect the current blue value.
    • ROCK THEM BOTH: Collect the current blue and red value simultaneously.

Record Deal Bonus

  • The feature consists of 16 Vinyl Records along with a list of available outcomes down the left and right sides of the screen.
  • Select 1 of the Vinyl Records, this will be held until the end of the bonus. Throughout the rest of the feature each selected Vinyl Record will eliminate outcomes from either side of the screen.
  • Following an allocated number of selections an offer will be made, this can either be accepted to collect the offered amount or rejected and the elimination process will continue.
  • If you reach the last two Vinyl Records a Final Offer will be made. If the Final Offer is rejected the Vinyl Record you selected at the beginning will reveal your prize.
  • After the Final Offer a SWAP might be offered to the player, this will swap the Vinyl Record you selected at the beginning with the final remaining Vinyl Record still on screen and award that prize instead.

Stairway to Hell Free Spins

  • The player will be taken to a Free Spins screen and awarded 11 Free Spins.
  • During these Free Spins a special Bone Guitar Wild will be active on the reels.
  • Randomly on any spin the reels can extend to 7 reels wide (2187 ways).
  • After any win, the Skulls can award a random win multiplier from x2 all the way up to x11.
  • During these Free Spins a special AMP Symbol will be active on the reels.
  • If the AMP symbol appears on screen it will award 1 additional Free Spin.

Encore Free Spins

  • The player will be taken to a Free Spins screen and awarded 11 Free Spins.
  • During these Free Spins any Wild Symbols in view will pay as normal and then be added to the Encore Bank.
  • On the last Free Spin, an Encore Spin will be triggered.
  • During the Encore Spin the reels will extend to 7 reels wide (2187 ways). All banked Wild Symbols from the Encore Bank will be randomly distributed onto the reels.

Stonehenge Free Spins

  • The player will be taken to a Free Spins screen and awarded 11 Free Spins, the reels are fixed at 7 reels wide (2187 ways).
  • During these Free Spins a special Wild Zone pattern is displayed on the reels in the shape of Stonehenge.
  • Any Wild Symbols that land within the Wild Zone will pay as normal and then become locked to that position for the remainder of Free Spins.
  • If a Wild Symbol is locked into every Wild Zone position then the Free Spins counter will be reset to 11.
  • Wilds are only active on reels 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.

The World Tour Bonus

  • The player will be taken to a Bonus Trail screen which is split into 3 stages, Europe, USA and Japan.
  • The player will always begin in Europe with the aim to advance through all the stages accumulating prizes and reaching the Big Money end game.
  • To the left of the screen is a Spin Wheel divided into sections, each section can contain an Advance Number or an X. Spin the wheel and where the pointer lands will award one of the following.



Advance 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6

Will move along the trail by the corresponding number of positions.


Ends the bonus and pays the current total bet multiplier.

  • Distributed along the trail are a series of Stage Shows, landing on one of these will bring 3 Ticket Stubs onto the screen. The player will select 1 of them which can reveal any of the following.
    • Heart: Covers 1 of the X's on the Advance Wheel.
    • Aeroplane: Advances the player to the next stage instantly.
    • Question Mark: Awards a mystery win prize.
  • Reaching the end of the Trail will award entry into the Big Money Bonus.
  • During Big Money you select from 1 of 3 band members which will reveal a win multiplier of x2 to x10. This multiplies winnings from The World Tour Bonus.

Auto Play

  • There is an Autoplay function in the game that will start each spin automatically.
  • By selecting 'AUTOPLAY' you can choose to place up to 100 bets automatically, one after the other.
  • Select your stake as normal then press the 'AUTOPLAY' button to select the number of 'Autoplay' bets you want to play.
  • Select your Loss Limit (maximum amount willing to lose for the autoplay session) and then press PLAY to begin your autoplays (other options are available).
  • Auto Play will turn off if you get into any bonus round including Freespins, if you reach the set Loss Limit or if a Progressive pot is awarded (where applicable).
  • You can stop Auto Play from continuing onto the next spin by clicking the 'STOP' button

Payout Information and Game Rules

  • Way wins are awarded for left to right adjacent symbol combinations.
  • All wins pay left to right except Bonus Symbols.
  • Multiple winning combinations awarded per way.
  • Way wins multiplied by bet.
  • Bonus Symbols are scatter wins and are awarded when appearing on any position on the reels.
  • Multiple Bonus features can be won in a single game.
  • Scatter wins are paid in addition to reel wins.
  • Free Spins are played on the same Total Bet as the triggering game.
  • RTP : 96.92%

The maximum win from a single game is £250,000

Last modification date: 12/17/2020