Supreme Hot


Supreme Hot video slot is a 3-reel game. The slot consists of 9 cards. Reel Ways Pay are 27.

Reel Ways Pay bet is 5.

Win combinations may contain only one symbol in an enabled position from each consecutive reel. Win combinations are paid left to right on adjacent reels, on enabled positions, beginning with the leftmost reel.

How to Bet

A wagering denomination (coin value) can be chosen by clicking any of the denomination buttons.

Bets are chosen by clicking any of the five bet buttons on the bottom of the screen. The amount displayed on each of the bet buttons is the total bet. When activating any of the bet buttons

the player selects a bet and starts a game at the same time. Activation of those buttons is also possible by pressing „C“, „V“, „B“, „N“ and „M” buttons from the keyboard. Pressing „C“ button places the smallest bet, pressing „V“ button places next bet and so on.

In case the Paytable is open, the amounts  related  to the  chosen  bet  value  are  shown.  If the player presses any of the remaining bet buttons, a bet selection is made alone and the relevant payouts are shown in the Paytable. Only upon second activation of the same button the game is started.

When opening the game at first, the lowest bet button is always selected by default.

If when activating a bet field there is a sum that was won, the animation of the increasing amount won in the “Win” field stops and the whole amount won is visualized.

Gamble Feature

In case of a winning, the player is given the option to access the Gamble round, by pressing the active button “Gamble”.

Gamble feature activates when Gamble screen is open  and  the  card  in  the  middle  of the  screen  is face down and flashes red  and  black.  The  label “Gamble  Attempts  Left” shows  the  number of trials the player has for this game. The label “Gamble Amount” shows the amount the player would like to double in the game Gamble. The label “Gamble to Win” shows the amount which a player could win if he/she guesses the color of the card. There  are  two  buttons  to  select: “Red” and  “Black”.  Clicking the “Black” button  is  also possible  by clicking  the  „⇨“ from the  keyboard.  Clicking  the  “Red” button is also possible by clicking the „⇦“ from the keyboard. When selecting "Black" or "Red", the card is moved up in the screen and is kept as history. Last five cards from the player's session are kept in the History section.

If the player has guessed the color of the card, a new card appears in the middle of the screen face down and flashes red and black. This process continues until the player makes a wrong guess. The sum from field “Gamble Amount” is shown in the field “Win”. If the player wishes to end the game “Gamble”, he/she activates the button “Collect”. The screen closes  and  the  amount  from the  field “Win” is transferred to the field “Balance”. If the  player  does  not  guess  the  color  of the  card, the game Gamble ends, and the player loses the  amount.  The  screen  closes  up.  The  amount  from the field “Win” is lost, and does not add up to the Balance.

The maximum amount won that can be brought to the Gamble round is given in the Paytable.

Game Controls

Following fields appear on the screen of the Supreme Hot slot:

“Balance/Credit”  –  upon  activation  of  this  field,  the  player  switches  from  credit  to  currency which he/she has chosen to play with.  This  is  also  valid  when  switching  from  currency  to  credit. The activation of this button is possible at all stages of the game;

“Win” – this field displays the total amount  won  at  one rotation  of the reels.  If, while the animation of the increasing amount goes, “Collect” button  is  activated, the  animation  stops  and the amount won for this rotation of the reels is shown;

“Last Win” – this field displays the last winning amount from the game;

Win Cards field – this field is located below the reels. It shows the number of winning combinations for a certain card, the card in its graphic view and the amount the player won

from those combinations.

Following buttons appear on the screen of the Supreme Hot slot:






When the button “Select” is activated, a bet selection is made.



When activating button “Start”, the reels start turning and this button turns into “Stop All” button. If there was an amount previously won, it  is  automatically added  to the  player's balance. The Reels can also start rotating by activation of the “Space” button (from the keyboard).


Stop All

When the button “Stop All” is  activated, the reels stop turning all at  one time and  the button changes to “Start” (if there  is  no winning combination), and “Collect” if  there  is a winning  combination.  The Reels  can also stop rotating  by activation  of the “Space” button (from the keyboard). The reels can be stopped individually. While the reels are rotating, the  player can  click and  stop  each one of the reels, and then this particular reel stops simultaneously with the first one.



When  activating  “Collect” button, the animation of the  increased  winning  stops  and in the field “Win” the entire winning sum is shown, and the button gets status “Start”. The animation of the increased winning  can  also stop by activation of the “Space” button  (from the keyboard).



When activated it opens  up  the Gamble screen. Pressing the „⇦“ or „⇨“ buttons from the keyboard can also activate “Gamble”.



Displays the value of one credit. Clicking this button is also possible by pressing „X“ button from the keyboard.  This  button  is  inactive while the reels  are  rotating, during  Autoplay and Gamble mode. The selection of the specific value is also possible by pressing following buttons „C“, „V“,  „B“  and  „N“  from  the keyboard. Pressing „C“ button selects  the smallest denomination, pressing „V“ button selects next one and so on. If there is  win amount, when changing the denomination this amount is added to the player’s balance and he/she  cannot  gamble  this  amount furthermore.



When “Autoplay” button is activated, the game goes into an Autoplay mode and the button appears as “Stop Auto”. This button  is  active only if the reels are not turning and the screen Gamble is not open. Activation of this button is also possible by pressing „Z“ button from the keyboard.


Stop Auto

When “Stop Auto” button is activated, the “Autoplay” game mode is stopped and the button appears as „Autoplay“. This button is active only when the game is in Autoplay mode. Activation of this button is also possible by pressing „Z“ button from the keyboard.


Sound control

Upon activation of the button, the sound of the game  is  switched  on/off, depending  on  its preceding condition.


Screen size control

Upon activation of the button, the screen either expands or decreases its size, depending on its current state.



When activated this  button  opens/closes  the rules  of  this   game.   “Paytable”  button   is inactive when the reels are spinning  and  when the game is in Autoplay mode.



When activating this button, the player leaves the game. The button is  inactive  when  the reels are spinning and when the game is in Gamble and Autoplay mode. In case a sum is won, during the activation of the button, the won amount is added to the player's balance and the game is closed. The player cannot gamble this last amount won furthermore.

Activation of this button is also possible by pressing „,“ symbol from the keyboard.

On the top of the game screen, the player can also see the number of the game and the local time according to his/her PC.


Payouts are displayed on the Paytable.

The Reel Ways Pay bet multiplied by the bet multiplier is equal to the total bet.

Win combinations may contain only one symbol in an enabled position from each consecutive reel.

Win combinations are paid left to right, on adjacent reels, on enabled positions, beginning with the leftmost reel.

The same symbol in a different position on the same reel, pays the same win combination again.

The pays of win combinations are multiplied by the number of the bet multiplier. Win combinations may be paid multiple times.

If there are 9 cards from the same type on all reels, the total gain is multiplied x2. Simultaneous wins from multiple Ways Pay are added.

Malfunction voids all pays and plays.

Jackpot Cards Bonus

Jackpot Cards Mystery is a randomly triggered bonus while any Jackpot Cards stamped game is played.

Jackpot Cards is a four-level mystery jackpot. Each mystery jackpot level is illustrated by a card suit:

CLUBS - 1st level (the lowest jackpot value); DIAMONDS – 2nd level;

HEARTS - 3rd level;

SPADES - 4th and the highest level.

Each Jackpot Cards mystery level value and currency is displayed on the right side of its corresponding card suit symbol.

The jackpot levels contribution is a percentage of the player's bet.


The Jackpot Cards Mystery bonus can be randomly triggered after a single game is finished and all resulting winnings are collected. When the Jackpot Cards Mystery is triggered, the player is automatically guaranteed one of the mystery jackpot levels.

Jackpot Cards Mystery plays on top of the base game and does not close  it.  Auto Play is automatically stopped when Jackpot  Cards  Mystery round  is  triggered.  After it  finishes, the control goes back to the game that has been played prior to the triggering of the Jackpot Cards Mystery bonus.


Once triggered, the player is taken to the Jackpot Cards bonus game where a pick field made up of 12 cards face-down is displayed. The  player selects  cards  by left-mouse  click until revealing  3 matching  card  suit  symbols.  The  Jackpot  Cards  Mystery level corresponding  to the  revealed  suit will be awarded. The bonus amount will correspond to the amount accumulated at the moment of revealing the last matching symbol. To be able to end the Jackpot Cards, the player will be invited to press on “Collect” button, thus adding the bonus game winnings to his/her total balance.

The amount won in the Jackpot Cards Mystery round cannot be taken to the  Gamble  round.  The player has a reasonable  chance  to  win  the  highest  level of the  bonus  game  with  any of the qualifying bets, every time he enters the Jackpot  Cards  bonus.  However, the  higher  the  qualifying bet in the base game, the higher the chance to enter the  bonus  and  win  any one  of the  mystery jackpot levels.

Qualifying bets: 0.01 EUR - 1 000.00 EUR


A slow Internet connection could cause a delay and show outdated jackpot values.

Jackpot  Cards bonus supports recovery in case of disconnection.


If any of the jackpot mysteries is awarded, all the players that are playing Jackpot Cards stamped games will be notified that such event occurred on their screens.

Game Interruptions

Full Game Recovery

In the event that the game is interrupted due to a loss of connection, next time when the player accesses the game, the unfinished game will be automatically resumed at the state it  was interrupted at the time immediately before the interruption.


In case the game has been canceled independently from the player, the moment of the cancelation is considered to be the end of the game. Any funds accumulated will be automatically returned to the player.

RTP: 96.24%

Last modification date: 12/22/2022