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Game type




Theoretical RTP



Cluster wins (5 connecting symbol clusters)




7 reels


6-7 columns

Hit frequency


Min bet

€ 0.20

Max bet

€ 100.00

Max exposure

25 000x max bet

Max win single spin

25 000x max bet

Maximum win

€ 2,500,000.00

Game description

Deep inside in the Mexican jungle lies the mysterious COBA temple of the worshiped snake god Quetzalcoatl. The temple is protected by his snakes and temple traps. Your goal is to climb the temple and level up rewarded by snakes entering the grid, which will help with larger win clusters and Multiplying Wild Multipliers.

COBA is a cluster game with symbol win explosions and symbol gravity to keep the game going. Winnings are collected towards level ups where "walking cluster" snakes enter the game alone or in larger groups. The snakes eat symbols to grow and stay alive to create even larger win clusters for big win crescendos, over and over again.

Snakes crossing each other creates Double Multiplied Wild symbols which will keep doubling for any new crossing.

There is no separate bonus game, while the last level 4 will release 6 snakes which is worth a bonus game.

Game view

Bet amount and balance are always displayed in the info bar at the bottom of the game view in the currency that the player has chosen. This information is always available throughout the gaming session. Winnings are displayed in the selected currency in the middle of the info bar at the bottom of the game view when playing in landscape mode, and at the top of the game view when playing in portrait mode.



COBA has cluster wins. Each cluster of 5 or more connecting symbols of same value is a win.



Special symbols

Symbol image



The Wild symbol substitutes for any paying symbol. A winning combination of 6 Wild symbols pays as the highest paying symbol.


The head of the snake defines the Snake Symbol. All passed over symbols will become this symbol. Eating any same symbol will make the snake to grow and survive another symbol avalanche drop.

Game features



Bonus game

No separate bonus game available.

Activation of Level 4 releases 6 snakes and corresponds to a bonus game.

Button clarifications


Game rules

Coba is a 7 rows and 6-7 columns slot with a hexagonal symbol grid with cluster wins, dropping symbols and a snake feature of walking clusters.

The minimum bet is € 0.20, the maximum bet is € 100.00. Each bet is 100 coins.

Winning combinations are paid for clusters with 5 or more matching symbols adjacently connected to each other, anywhere in the symbol grid. Multiple clusters of same symbol that are not connected are paid as separate clusters.

A game round starts on the selected bet level when the player hits the Spin button.

The game can be played automatically by activating Auto Spin. Hold down the Spin button or use the Auto Spin button to set the number of game rounds to be played automatically.

Winnings and winning combinations are paid out according to the Paytable.

Winnings are presented in the player's currency or in coins. The player can change preference in Settings.

The Wild symbol substitutes for any paying symbol. A winning combination of all Wild symbols pays as the highest paying symbol.

Symbols drop vertically with gravity and slide to the left and right repeatedly as far downwards as possible.

Winning cluster combinations are paid. Each symbol of a winning cluster is removed from the grid and a point is added to the Snake progress meter. The remaining symbols drop down and new symbols drop in to fill the symbol grid. If new winning combinations occur, this avalanche repeats.

Snake progress meter

The Snake progress meter has 4 levels. All winning symbols add progress to the meter. Activating any of the levels will release snakes to enter the grid.

Level 1: 1 snake enters

Level 2: 2 snakes enter

Level 3: 3 snakes enter

Level 4: 6 snakes enter

A snake is a linear cluster of symbols moving along the grid throughout its length for each drop prior to the win evaluation. The snake comprises a head and a body with the symbols indicated by a golden frame. It can be in a survival or non-survival state indicated with a yellow or blue tail not part of the actual snake. The snake's length is at least 5 symbols long and will always form a winning cluster or be part of a larger winning cluster.

The first symbol the snake moves over will become the Snake Symbol, indicated on the snake's head.

All the following symbols the snake moves over will be transformed into this Snake Symbol and become part of the snake indicated by a golden frame around the symbols.

If a snake moves over the same symbol as the Snake Symbol, it will eat this symbol, grow in length making an extra symbol movement and get into its survival state indicated by a yellow tail. It will remain in the grid for the next avalanche drop.

If a snake does not move over a Snake Symbol to eat during its entire move in a drop, it will die and is removed from the grid after win evaluations but before the next drop.

When a snake is released into the grid, it will initially be in its survival state indicated by a yellow tail. It will therefore always survive the first avalanche drop.

For each new avalanche drop, all snakes will start in their non-survival state, indicated by a blue tail and an empty Snake Symbol.

If two snakes move across each other's bodies, the symbol position will become a Multiplier Wild symbol starting with an x2 multiplier. Any more snakes moving across this Multiplier Wild will double the multiplier to x4, x8, etc.

A snake crossing and biting its own snake body will die and be removed from the grid.

Several Multiplier Wild symbols in different positions in a winning cluster will be multiplied by each other.

A game round ends if the maximum win is reached. Winnings are paid out at the end of a game round. No bets can be changed during a game round.

The theoretical payout (RTP) is 95.0%.

The game has a maximum win of 25 000x the bet.

In the event of malfunction all bets and wins are void.



X-iter button clarification


X-iter rules

The X-iter feature offers buy-in to 5 different game modes.


Start by activating Level 4, where 6 snakes are released. Cost is 500x the bet.


Start by activating Level 1. Level 1 and Level 2 will release 3 snakes. Cost is 100x the bet.


Start by activating Level 1. Snakes will be longer when released. Cost is 25x the bet.


Start by activating Level 1, where 1 snake is released. Cost is 10x the bet.


Start from the base game. Level 1 and Level 2 will release 3 snakes. Cost is 2x the bet.

An X-iter feature is purchased by pressing the X-iter button, selecting X-iter mode showing the cost in the player's currency, and pressing the Spin button.

The X-iter features can only be activated in the base game.

The theoretical payout (RTP) for all X-iter game modes are 95.0%.

The minimum X-iter cost is € 0.40, the maximum X-iter cost is € 50,000.00. All game rules apply in X-iter mode.

Last modification date: 8/11/2022