Bruno Bingo

Bruno Bingo's cute little bear has a mountain of prizes ready! Simply form winning combinations of numbers on your card and win big! Bruno also gives you the ability to spin the instant prize roulette if you form the winning combination “Bonus” and enter the bonus game.

Your goal is to complete the combination of numbers in your carton. You can play up to 4 bingo cards simultaneously. When you place your bet, 30 balls are drawn. If the numbers on the extracted balls match the numbers on your card and you form a winning combination, you receive a prize.

Bruno Bingo is an online game of the style “Bingo latino " in which the balls are randomly chosen by a random number generator.

Special games

Bruno Bingo Bonus Game

If you complete the winning “Bonus "combination, you can click on the Bruno bear or the "Spin" button. In this game you can get instant prizes and free spins. As soon as you have turned the roulette 20 times or no longer get any extra spin, the game ends. If the Bonus combination matches a combination of a higher value, the bonus game is not activated.


Bruno Bingo is a single player Casino game belonging to the category bingo games. Your game session starts when you place a bet and ends when you exit the app.

The following rules apply to this game:

RTP (return to Player): 95.40% - 95.84%

Maximum bet per session: your available balance in the game account. You cannot log in during a game session.

Minimum bet per round: €0.20

Maximum bet per round: €50

Minimum bet per extra ball: €0.05

Maximum bet per extra ball: € 2,941. 95

The maximum win from a single game is £250,000.

Game settings

You can play with up to four bingo cards. The more cartons you use, the more options you have to win! All bingo cards are enabled by default. The “on” or “Off” buttons are located at the top right of each bingo card. You can activate or deactivate the respective cardboard by clicking on this button. You can also set this property in the bottom section of the “cards” menu. Here you can control active or inactive cartons with the “+/- “buttons.

In the” Stake/Card " section, you can set your bet for the next round. The total bet is shown on the right in the bet section.

You can also modify the winning numbers on each carton before the game starts by clicking on the center of each carton. By clicking on the 2 cross arrows on the right of the screen, you will change the winning numbers on all the cards.

How to play

By pressing the play button (the Triangle), 30 bingo balls are drawn at a normal speed. If you press the Quick Play button (2 overlapping triangles), the balls are drawn faster and the game ends earlier. By pressing the "Autostart" button, the balls are drawn one by one and the system automatically draws the draw until it stops using the” Stop " button or until you have the option to purchase extra balls.

The numbers extracted that match those on your bingo card change color: the numbers turn white and their background black.You will see all combinations of numbers at the top of the playing area. Combinations that have already been played light up. Numbers marked in red on bingo cards show an already formed winning combination and numbers marked in yellow tell you what numbers you still need to form a winning combination.

Extra ball

Depending on your chances of winning, you can decide after the first draw if you want to draw more bingo balls with “extra ball” or if you want to finish your current round with the “stop” or “collect” buttons. If you decide to continue playing, you will have at your disposal a total of 11 balls, which will serve to complete or form winning combinations.

The bet per Ball appears after the extra ball (e.g. “extra ball 6”) and varies depending on your possible win. You can also exit a wild ball randomly. In this case, you can choose a number. With the "Bingo-Shot" option, you must discover the extra ball by repeatedly clicking on the question mark.

Last modification date: 6/9/2021