1-2-3 Bingo

The countdown has begun! Can you play bingo with one or more of the six cards you can play on each round? At 1-2-3 Bingo!™, with a little luck you can take a huge prize! This bingo latino online is ideal for both veterans and beginners: enter the room, watch the 30 initial balls come out of the hype, go crossing numbers on your cards and form winning combinations. Enjoy bingo at its best!

Your goal at 1-2-3 Bingo!™is to complete winning combinations on your playing cards with the 30 bingo balls that are drawn after you place your bet.

Special options

Wild ball

Your first extraction wasn't as good as you expected? Don't worry, you can always buy extra balls. One or more of these extra balls may be wild balls, which you can use to make them the number that suits you best to complete a winning combination.


1-2-3 Bingo!™is a single player Casino game that belongs to the bingo games category. Your game session starts when you place a bet and ends when you leave the app.

The following bet and payout rules are valid for this game:


Maximum bet per session: your available balance in your account. Logging into your account is not possible during a game session.

Minimum bet per round: €0.10

Maximum bet per round: €100

Maximum amount in the game double or nothing: € 5,000

Total number of balls available: 50

Game settings

You can play with up to six bingo cards. The more cards are in play, the more chances you have to win! By default, all bingo cards are activated. You can activate or deactivate the respective cardboard by clicking anywhere in its golden box. You can also change these settings in the "cartons" section of the lower section. Here you can manage your active or inactive cartons with the "+/- "buttons.

In the section "bet / carton" you can define your bet for the next round. Your total bet is displayed on the "bet" indicator.

You can also modify the numbers on your cartons before the game starts by clicking on the respective cartons.

By clicking on the cross arrows symbol, you change the numbers of all cartons.


With the "play" button (the "play" arrow) 30 bingo balls are extracted at a normal speed, while with the "Fast Forward" button (two arrows), the extraction is done faster. By clicking "automatic", the balls are drawn one after the other. The program performs the extraction of the balls until the automatic draw stops with the button "stop" or until you have the opportunity to acquire extra balls.

The numbers drawn that match those on your bingo cards are automatically marked in black.

You can see all possible winning combinations at the top of the game area. Combinations that have already been obtained flash. Numbers marked in red on bingo cards show you which numbers already form a winning combination. The numbers you still need to get to complete a winning combination are marked in yellow.

Extra balls

When you can win a prize equivalent to 40 times your bet, we give you the option to buy additional bingo balls using the "extra ball" button (or manually selecting them in the middle of the screen) or to finish the current round by clicking "collect". If you decide to continue playing, you have at your disposal a total of 11 extra balls, with which you can complete winning combinations. The bet per Ball appears next to the" extra ball "(e.g." extra ball XXX") and varies depending on the prize you can get. You can also randomly appear a wild ball, with which you can choose the number you want.