La Tomatina

Game Rules

The video slot game, LA TOMATINA, has 5 spinning reels with symbols on them. Every time you spin the reels, they come to rest showing in the game window a random selection of symbols, out of 11 symbols present in the game. Certain combinations of symbols result in payouts. There are two tomato symbols acting like WILDS.

You can choose the amount you want to bet on the 40 winlines (lines, for short). For spinning the reels, you can use the Spin or the Autoplay buttons (on mobiles, Autoplay can be found in Options). When you use the Autoplay button, the reels spin automatically, using a fixed number of lines and bet you have chosen. The reels will stop spinning, when FREE SPINS are triggered, or you can stop the Autoplay mode at any time by pressing the Stop button.

LA TOMATINA video slot game is enhanced with two main characters, FERNANDO and SERGIO who initiate the following features: FERNANDO activates a FLUX SPINS feature with paid spins and a vertically walking WILD, SERGIO initiates a STICKY RESPIN feature with STICKY WILDS and x1 MULTIPLIER. On top of these two features there are also 10 non-retriggerable FREE SPINS which appear when the STICKY RESPINS are finished.
WILD symbol substitutes for all symbols.

How to Play

    1. Choose your Bet by hitting the - and + buttons below the Bet box. The relevant bet is displayed below the Win box.
    1. When you have made your bet selection, hit the Spin button to spin the reels. If the reels show a winning combination after they stop, you win according to the payout table.
    1. When you hit the Bet Max button, you can play the maximum bet allowed in the game. After hitting the Bet Max button, the maximum amount of bet is set up.
    1. When you use the Autoplay button, you let the computer spin the reels automatically using the fixed number of lines and bet you have chosen.
  1. If you are not sure about your winnings, click the "i" (Payout) button in the game window to see the winning combinations. If you win on multiple lines, your winnings are added up and paid. The total amount earned is displayed in the win box.


This feature is activated by FERNANDO. He throws tomatoes, which when landing on the reels become WILDS in the base game and WILDs with X2 MULTIPLIER in FREE SPINS and activate retriggerable paid spins. With each spin the tomato symbol occupies one more cell on the reels, moving vertically downwards. The feature finishes when the WILD reaches the bottom row.


SERGIO activates this feature when he throws tomatoes and they land on the reels. The number of RESPINS is equal to the number of tomatoes on the reels. During the RESPINS, the tomato symbol changes into a WILD with x1 MULTIPLIER in the base game and WILD with x2 MULTIPLIER in FREE SPINS. If the game is interrupted during STICKY RESPINS, the game skips all STICKY RESPINS and after reloading, this feature will show the player the win from the entire STICKY RESPINS.


When all cells on the reels are occupied by tomato symbols during STICKY RESPINS, this feature comes to an end and players are presented with two options - FREE SPINS with FERNANDO or SERGIO. In both cases there are 10 non-retriggerable FREE SPINS which either follow the pattern of the FLUX SPINS feature or the STICKY RESPIN feature until all ten FREE SPINS are used. The collecting feature depends on the bet. Once the bet set up is changed, the collecting feature set up changes as well.

Game Recovery

In case you quit the game in progress, all your winnings will be automatically and properly credited to your account according to the winning. If you were interrupted during FREE SPINS or BONUS Game, then you will still be able to continue with your feature right where you left off. If your game is interrupted because of some technical issues, then once you get back to the game, it will be recovered and you start from where you left off.
The collection of gameplay remains saved even after the player leaves the game.

Other rules

The winning symbols must appear consecutively one after another on a given active win line, starting at the leftmost reel, for the win to be granted. Only the highest win on a win line is paid. Malfunction Voids All Pays and Play.

Pending games

Pending games shall be resolved within 90 days. Games that have pending winnings will be solved via auto collect and winnings will revert to player, game will be then set as finished.

Keyboard shortcuts (desktop only)

Bet -> Numpad+/Numpad-
Bet max -> B
Collect -> Space, Enter, 7, Numpad7
Paytable ("i") -> P, 8, Numpad8
Help -> H, 9, Numpad9
Exit -> Q
Autoplay (+stop) -> A
Spin (+stop) -> Space, Enter, Numpad0, 0, S

RTP: 95.05%

Last modification date: 2/24/2023