Kingdoms Rise Shadow Queen

5-reel 25-line slot

The entry screen displays the game’s features. Press the arrow buttons to navigate between the different game features.

To play the game:

Press START on the entry screen to enter the main game.

  • The number of active paylines is permanently set at 25. Wins can form on any payline.
  • Press - or + on the left or the right sides of TOTAL BET to choose the total bet.
  • Press the LIGHTNING button to activate Turbo Mode, making the reels spin faster. Pressing the LIGHTNING button again ends the Turbo Mode session.
  • Press the SPIN button to spin the reels with the current bet.
  • During the reel spin the SPIN button changes into STOP. Clicking STOP ends the spin animation and immediately displays the spin result.
  • In the case of a winning spin, the WIN field displays the accumulating winnings.
  • 2 or more symbols anywhere on consecutive reels from left to right trigger a win.
  • On a given payline, only the highest winning combination pays while simultaneous winnings on different paylines are accumulated.
  • Wins are calculated according to the paytable. Your win will equal your line bet multiplied by the corresponding value according to the paytable.


  • The reels are spun automatically in autoplay.

  • To display the list of options, put a cursor over the PLAY button, and then select the number of spins to be played automatically.

  • Autoplay can also be set to UNTIL FEATURE, which will spin the reels until the Magic Wheel Feature or Jackpot features are triggered, or you do not have sufficient funds for the next spin.

  • During autoplay, the number of remaining spins is displayed.

  • Autoplay ends when:

    • The reels have spun the number of times specified.
    • You do not have sufficient funds for the next spin.
    • A feature has been triggered.
  • You can end autoplay by pressing the smaller STOP button.


  • To open the paytable, press i.
  • To navigate the paytable, press the arrow buttons.
  • Feature and symbol payouts are listed on the PAYOUTS screens. To find the possible win amount for any given symbol combination, the line bet must be multiplied by the payout.
  • To close the reference pages and return to the game, press the X button.


  • This game is played with a fixed number of 25 active paylines. The total bet per game round is the line bet × 25.
  • Paylines are represented by lines that appear over the reels as illustrated in the paytable.
  • Winning combinations must start from the leftmost reel, and the same symbol has to be on consecutive reels and appear on the same payline.
  • There is a difference between the line bet and the total bet. The line bet shows how much is being bet on a single payline. The total bet shows how much is being bet in total on a single spin. Payouts shown in the paytable are multiplied by the line bet.

Maximum win limit:

  • The maximum win in the game has an upper limit. For more information, see the Terms and Conditions.

Wild Symbol:

  • The queen symbol with word 'WILD' on it is the WILD symbol in the game.
  • The WILD symbol can stand for any symbol, except the SCATTER symbol to make the best possible winning combination.
  • The WILD symbol appears stacked as a 3-high symbol on all reels.

Scatter Symbol:

  • The wheel symbol is the SCATTER symbol in the game.

Magic Wheel Feature

  • Landing a SCATTER symbol on reels 2, 3 and 4 simultaneously triggers the Magic Wheel feature.
  • To start the Magic Wheel feature, press the START button.
  • During the Magic Wheel feature the magic wheel is displayed. The wheel is made of 4 wheels displaying different numbers.
  • Each wheel has numbers and arrows that point to the next wheel.
  • There are no arrows on the centre of the wheel; there is only 1 number.
  • The outer wheel will spin first. If the wheel stops on a number, that many Magic Wins is awarded and the Magic Wheel Feature stops.
  • If the wheel stops on an arrow, you progress to the next wheel, which awards greater numbers of Magic Wins.
    • The 1st wheel (outer wheel) awards up to 3 Magic Wins;
    • 2nd wheel awards 3 – 5 Magic Wins;
    • 3rd wheel awards 5 – 7 Magic Wins;
    • Reaching the centre of the wheel awards 10 Magic Wins.

Magic Wins

  • To start the Magic Wins feature, press the START button on the congratulations pop-up screen following the Magic Wheel Feature.
  • Magic Wins are played with the same bet that was placed on the spin that triggered the Magic Wheel Feature.
  • Throughout the feature, the number of Magic Wins remaining and the win multiplier, starting from 1×, is shown above the reels.
  • During the Magic Wins feature, the win multiplier increases by 1 each spin.
  • Only winning spins reduce the number of Magic Wins remaining.
  • The active multiplier is applied to winning spins.
  • The Magic Wins feature cannot be retriggered.
  • The feature ends when the number of the Magic Wins reaches 0.
  • At the end of the feature, a pop-up window displays the total win from the feature.
  • Press the PLAY button on the feature win pop-up screen to return to the Kingdoms Rise™ – Shadow Queen main game.

Kingdoms Rise™ Game Tokens

  • Game Tokens are unique to Kingdoms Rise™ and can be exchanged for features in the Kingdoms Rise™ Shop.
  • During regular gameplay, Game Tokens are won on the reels and added to your Game Token balance.
  • Pending Game Tokens are won alongside Game Tokens on the reels and are added to your Pending Game Token balance. For every 2 Game Tokens you win, 1 Pending Game Token is also won.
  • Once you have won  Pending Game Tokens, they are released to your Game Token balance and become available to use within the Kingdoms Rise ™ Shop.
  • Pending Game Tokens can also be released to you at any stage by the Casino.
  • Your Pending Game Token balance is shown in the Kingdoms Rise ™ Shop.
  • Game Tokens and Pending Game Tokens are subject to expiration. Unless stated differently by the casino operator, all Tokens will expire after 6 months of inactivity from the last time you played Kingdoms Rise™ games.
  • Please note, Game Tokens and Pending Game Tokens are not won from stakes using bonus money except in cases where the casino permits it. Please refer to any bonus rules hosted by the casino for further information.

Kingdoms Rise™ Shop

  • Kingdoms Rise™ Game Tokens can be used to buy features from any game in the Kingdoms Rise™ game suite.
  • Each feature is unique to a specific game in the Kingdoms Rise™ game suite.
  • Once a feature has been activated in exchange for Game Tokens, the feature plays out and winnings are awarded in cash directly to your balance.
  • All money won from features bought in the Kingdoms Rise™ Shop is real money that can be withdrawn as cash.
  • The feature entry stake for all features is based on a player’s average bet across all Kingdoms Rise™ games regardless of Token cost. The price of a feature in Tokens relates to the additional enhancements available in the feature. Current average bet values are available on request to the operator customer support.

Magic Wins - Shop Feature

  • The Magic Wins feature can be purchased from the Kingdoms Rise™ Shop.

  • The rules are the same as the feature triggered within the game.

  • The number of Magic Wins depends on the amount of Game Tokens used:

    • For 600 Game Tokens, you will get 2 Magic Wins.
    • For 1,200 Game Tokens, you will get 3 Magic Wins.
    • For 1,900 Game Tokens, you will get 4 Magic Wins.
    • For 2,700 Game Tokens, you will get 5 Magic Wins.
  • To start the purchased feature press the CLICK TO START button.

  • Pressing the OK button on the winning pop-up window returns you to the Kingdoms Rise™ – Shadow Queen main game.

Kingdoms Rise™ Jackpot

  • The Kingdoms Rise™ Jackpot includes: Epic Jackpot and Power Strike Jackpot.
  • The Epic Jackpot ticker shows the value of the Epic Jackpot. The Epic Jackpot is a progressive jackpot game. It is accumulated from all players’ bets in all games which feature the Kingdoms Rise™ Epic Jackpot, among all online casinos that offer these games.
  • The Power Strike Jackpot ticker shows the value of the Power Strike Jackpot.
  • Spinning the reels before the Power Strike Jackpot ticker reaches the amount shown can trigger the Power Strike Jackpot.
  • Note: Any spin of any amount can trigger a Jackpot.
  • Note: The larger your bet, the greater your chance of winning a Jackpot.
  • Note: All Kingdoms Rise™ Jackpots can be won during the main game only.
  • For each bet placed, the operator contributes to the jackpot fund.
  • Each contribution is equal to 0.55% of each bet placed. 47.27% of each contribution funds the current jackpots, and 52.73% funds the seed pot for the next jackpots.
  • The jackpots are linked to several Kingdoms Rise™ games, which are available through multiple casinos. The jackpots can be won by placing a bet in any of these games in any of the participating casinos.

Please note:

  • If 2 players win a jackpot at the same time, the 1st player will be awarded the seed and the progressive amount, and the 2nd player will win the seed together with any accumulated progressive part accrued in the time between when the 1st player won the jackpot and when the 2nd player won the jackpot.

Return to Player:

  • The theoretical percentage return to player (RTP) of the base game without using game tokens is 92.47%.
  • The maximum theoretical percentage return to player (RTP) of Kingdoms Rise™ tokens is 2.91% – 3.03%.
  • The theoretical percentage return to player (RTP) that includes the Jackpot Contribution and Kingdoms Rise™ tokens is 96.37% – 96.05%.

Note on disconnections:

  • If you are disconnected from the Internet during:

    • A spin, the reels will display the result after you reconnect and any winnings will be added to your balance.
    • A bonus feature or the triggering spin, you will be automatically directed to the feature after you reconnect.
  • Autoplay, the spin will be automatically completed, but further spins will not automatically commence.

Malfunction voids all pays and plays.

Bet Range

  • Min Bet : €0.10
  • Max Bet : €50

Last modification date: 9/23/2020