Football Streak

Game Overview

Football Streak is a virtual football game that offers 3D Football simulation matches 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in an on-demand mode.

The simulation contains a pool of 16 countries with randomly selected matchups that your selection can change.

The outcome of the games are determined by a Random Number Generator (RNG) with weighting applied proportionally to the stronger team.

The on-demand mode means that games start on the player’s demand, and the significant advantage of an on-demand match is that you can play and watch the games whenever you choose rather than waiting for the game to start at a defined time.


Matches start once a bet is placed and the game will begin exclusively for you.

Each game is generated uniquely per player.

Base Navigation

Two teams will be selected randomly from our 16 teams pool and create different betting options that are calculated for each matchup.

If you do not ‘like’ the selected teams, you can press the “Next” button on the top of the screen, and it will randomly choose two new teams. If you wish to return to the previous matchup, you can press the “Prev” button on the top screen, and it will go back to the last matchup presented.

The main screen presents all the betting options, statistics, and teams’ details.

All betting options for the game are presented below the teams’ presentation area. The first tab presents all the betting options, while the Game Line, Goals, and Halftime tabs present the same betting options but filtered respectively.

After each game, you can choose to play the same matchup again by choosing the “REBET” or “REBET X2” options. The options will offer the same matchup with your previous selections (without starting the actual game) while waiting for you to approve or change the selections and place the bets to start the game.

Placing a Bet

Clicking any bet selections will place the selected bet into the bet slip.

The bet’s value can be defined in two ways: either by the default stake on the bet slip, which will apply the value to all bets, or by editing the amount manually in the bet slip itself.

The bets will only be submitted once you clicked the “SUBMIT & START” button to submit the bets and start the match. If the game is interrupted for any reason, the reply would be available for you on the bet history page.

Once the match begins, bets will be presented to the right of the video stream on a Desktop view and below the video stream on a Mobile view. There is an option to skip directly into Halftime to cash out your bets or place HALFTIME bets according to the game result.

In addition, you can skip directly to the final score and immediately see the match result and the outcome of your bet. Skipping the match to HALFTIME or the end doesn’t affect the game outcome or your betting outcome in any way.

By selecting the bet history option on the menu, you can view your bets history. Bet history includes the latest matches, results for those matches, and any wins and returns. Furthermore, you can always watch the replay of any matchup played to check and explore the match again.

Malfunction leading to a game being generated incorrectly for any reason will void all bets for that game and return all of the original stakes to you.


We offer a cash-out option to claim your winnings early during the HALFTIME break of the game.

Cashing out means that you can choose to cash out the bet during HALFTIME for the amount offered. In this case, the bet is closed before the game ends, and the funds are transferred to your account.

The RTP on a Cash-out bet will have the same RTP percentage as the correspondent market return to player specified above minus 0.5 from the difference between the return to player and 100%. For example, if the RTP on the main market is 95%, the RTP on the cash-out for the same market will be 95%-0.5*(100%-95%)=92.5%

Halftime Bets

Two betting options are offered during the HALFTIME of the games. Either watching the game to the HALFTIME or skipping to it will allow you to place bets following knowing the half time score. Those bets will be settled at the end of the game with all other bets that were placed.

Bonus round

Football Streak offers a bonus game.

Every game played in the football streak game in which more than 5 goals are scored in, rewards you with a Bonus Football ball.

Once you collect 6 balls you will be awarded with a special bonus penalty play, in which you can decide whether a stand-alone penalty kick will be scored or missed. The stake amount played on the bonus play will be the average betting amount on all games played (wins, losses & cash-outs) from your betting games during the collection of all 6 balls.

The bonus round must be played immediately after collecting the 6th ball. In case of game interruption a player must come back into the game and play the bonus round in order for the original bet and bonus to settle before moving to the next game.

The average from the total amount gathered during the user's bets until he got into the bonus round will be used as betting money only to generate the wanted win amount if the bonus round is successful.

For example:

100$ Bonus + 1.25 odds would generate 125$ = the user wins 25$

Return to Player (RTP)

You can calculate the return on the different markets offered in the game. For that, all possible outcome for each market is presented with the respective payout for each of them.

Minimum & Maximum Bet and Maximum Win:

Football Streak betters may encounter various minimum and maximum bet limits.

Limits are presented in the game to ensure that players will always receive the amount listed as a payout if their bet wins. If a limit is breached, a limit message will be presented, and you will be asked to amend your bet amount before your bet will be accepted.

The limits are dynamic and may be different between each bet type.

Odds Variation:

Odds are offered in a variety of ways: American, Decimal, or Fractional, while Decimal is the default.

Those are just different ways of calculating or comparing the return, and they do not affect the final return to the player.

The decimal values to two decimal places are the accurate values where the stake is multiplied by the decimal to calculate the exact return, while the American and Fractional presentations are rounded to the nearest appropriate decimal number.

Betting options explanation:

Please note: Bonus round RTP will pay additional 1.04% RTP on top of the bets RTP mentioned below.

Fulltime result winner - Moneyline 1X2 (90.5%)

This is a straight bet on the outcome of a match, where Team A wins/Team B wins/Draw.

Handicap – Full-time game-winner with a variable spread (91.5%)

This is a bet where each team gets a “virtual” advantage to balance the odds in several directions to create multiple types of bets.

This is calculated with the result +/- the handicap number to find the handicap winner.

For example: Team A -1.5 vs Team B + 1.5

If team A wins by one goal or less or loses the game, team B wins the handicap bet.

Under/Over (U/O) Total goals, Full time only – Number of goals of the match (91.5%)

Betting on how many goals will be scored in the game’s final score:

For example, with U/O 2.5, every game that generates two goals or less will be under. Every game that generates three goals or above will be over.

Full-time exact result (89%)

Betting on the exact match result after 90 minutes (overtime not included).

Match total goals (91.5%)

Betting on the exact total number of goals that will be scored during the match: 0,1,2,3,4+

Double Chance: 1 or X, 2 or X, 1 or 2 (90.5%)

Betting on the game outcome with a double chance of winning out of three results from a 1X2 bet.

Both teams will score - Yes/No (91.5%)

Betting on whether both teams will end up scoring goals in the game.

Halftime Bets:

Halftime result - 1X2 (90.5%)

This is a straight bet on the first half outcome: Team A wins/Team B wins/Draw.

Under / Over (U/O) Halftime – Number of goals that will be scored by HALFTIME (91.5%)

Betting on the number of goals, both teams will score by HALFTIME.

For example, U/O – 1.5

Half with more goals - 1X2 (91%)

3-Way bet on which half will generate more goals: first half/second half/same number of goals on both.

Halftime/Fulltime (89%)

The result of the game at Halftime & Fulltime (1X2).

Last modification date: 12/13/2023