Pirates O' Plenty GOLDEN TAP



The object of the game is to collect the treasure from the Treasure Chest and claim the bounty.

Each bet is an attempt to collect the treasure and with each game the chest will gradually open.

Each time the player presses play button the treasure can we won, or the chest will open further however each bet is independent from the previous game.

If the Treasure Chest fails to fully open and award the treasure, the next game round can begin. However, the position of the open lid will remain.

A winning game occurs when the Treasure Chest fully opens to release the bounty which will award between 3 and 19 prizes that are added together as Total Win.

Free Games are awarded if 3 BONUS symbols are collected from the array of 3-19 prizes.



  • BET VALUE: When the player enters the game the default BET is set. The player can change the BET value by clicking the ‘+’ or ‘-’ buttons either side of the BET icon on desktop and mobile. Clicking the BET icon will display the BET SELECT window. The player can select desired BET value between the MIN and MAX BET.
  • REPEAT BET: The BET for the next game will be the same as the amount wagered on the previous game.
  • PLAY: The PLAY button in the center right position starts the game in desktop and mobile landscape mode. The PLAY button in the center bottom position starts the game in mobile portrait mode.
  • PAYTABLE: The PAYTABLE can be viewed by clicking on the HAMBURGER icon and selecting the PAYTABLE option. Click the ‘X’ icon to close the menu and return to the game.
  • VOLUME: Game music and sound effects are set ON as default. Clicking on the VOLUME button will toggle all game music and sound effects ON and OFF.
  • CREDIT / BALANCE: After placing the desired BET, the remaining game BALANCE is shown under ‘BALANCE’. Players current game BALANCE is the sum of the amounts displayed under the BALANCE meter and the BET meter. Game BALANCE is shown at the bottom of the game screen.
  • AUTOPLAY: Select AUTOPLAY for hands-free play.
    • To configure AUTOPLAY: Click the AUTOPLAY button and then select the required number of plays. AUTOPLAY begins automatically.
    • The remaining AUTOPLAY amount is displayed on the PLAY button. Click on the PLAY button to cancel AUTOPLAY at any time.
  • In play-money mode, the AUTOPLAY option will be disabled.



  • Click the HAMBURGER icon to view game options and information.
  • Click the ‘i’ icon to view game information and rules.
  • Click the ‘PAYTABLE’ icon to view the game awards.
  • Click the ‘X’ icon to close the menu and return to the game play.



  • If the Treasure Chest fully opens the bounty is released and between 3 and 19 prizes are awarded.
  • Each Golden Coin will have a multiplier among "x0.2, x0.4, x0.6, x0.8, x1, x1.5, x2, x2.5, x5, x10, x15, x25, x50, x100, x250, x500" which will be multiplied by BET.
  • The number of prizes given are random, with 3 given out at a minimum and 19 at the maximum.
  • During the Main Game, there is a chance that a Multiplier may be awarded on a winning round where 10 or fewer prizes are awarded.
  • If activated, a random Multiplier Upgrade is applied to all awards in view on screen. The value of the Multiplier Upgrade is randomly selected between x2 to x7.
  • The Multiplier Upgrade then multiplies all the awards in view by the corresponding amount before the winning awards are selected (£, $, €, C$, Fr).  For all other markets the Awards in view are shown as a multiple of current game BET for all other markets and will be Upgraded by any Multiplier Upgrade in the same way.
  • This Multiplier Upgrade only lasts for this single winning round.
  • Any Multiplier Upgrade activated in the base game will not be applied to Free Games.
  • If player lights all 3 Bonus symbols on screen 10 Free Games are awarded.
  • The treasure chest opening after each bet is purely cosmetic and does not reflect the chances of winning.
  • Malfunction voids all pays and plays.
  • The maximum win in this game is capped to 250,000 EUR or its equivalent amount in your currency during Main Game or Free Games. Further Free Games will be forfeited if the highest win is capped.
  • The theoretical return to player of this game is 95.04%.
  • Win animations can be skipped by clicking anywhere or by pressing the spacebar (desktop).
  • Logging into your account on the desktop website and selecting the option 'Game logs' inside any game will allow you to access your game play history.
  • Multiple wins on single game are added.



  • If player lights all 3 Bonus symbols on screen in the base game 10 Free Games are awarded.
  • Each Free Game plays out automatically without the need to press the PLAY button.
  • The number of Free Games available is displayed on the PLAY button until Free Games round ends.
  • 10 additional Free Games are awarded if 3 Bonus symbols are activated during Free Games.
  • The Multiplier Feature is always active for all wins in Free Games.
  • Multipliers in Multiplier Feature ranges from x2 to x7.
  • Free Games end when all Free Games have been played.
  • Free Games are played with the same bet as the triggering spin.



  • Click on Game Rules to view the detailed rules of the game as web page.
  • Click on Game Logs to view the logs of the game’s player have played.
  • Click on Real/Play to switch between real-money or play-money mode.
  • Click on the Deposit button to deposit money into player account.
  • The Game Logs functionality is applicable only for the real-money game play.

Return to the player:

  • The theoretical return to player of this game is 95.04%.


1. I could not complete the game. What should I do?  

  • If you get disconnected in the middle of the game, game will resume from the point of disconnection otherwise You will be able to find out the result by clicking on the 'Game logs' button once you have logged back in

2. What should I do if the balance is low to place bet?  

  • Click on ‘Deposit’ button at bottom of the game screen and deposit.  

3. If you are still having problems, please contact our 24/7 Customer Service team.

Last modification date: 7/16/2024