Cash Drop


Cash Drop is a 20 fixed win lines game that consists of a draw area of 18 hexagons which will rotate on an axis and then stop, producing a random hexagon colour and icon. The player receives a payout for connecting icons and multiplier wins for connecting colours.

All of the hexagons associated with the reaction wins will disappear and new hexagons will fill in to the vacant spaces with new icon/colour combinations and then potentially create new wins. The player gets wins when 3 or more matching consecutive symbols (that connect the hexagons from left to right) occur on a payline. All icon wins are counted first. When 5 matching colours appear on a payline, a 'reactions is created and x2 bet per line payout is awarded.

There are 9 different possible icons that sit on one of 3 possible coloured hexagons. All wins are paid as per the paytable.

3 or more "Gold Seven" Scatter symbols appearing anywhere on the reels results in a payout.

How to play

  • Setting 'Bet/Line': As per the current game functionality the default stake is $0.10 per line which is set for all 20 pay lines resulting in a total bet of $2.00. You can choose to increase or decrease the bet per line by using the ▲ and ▼ arrows available to the right of the 'Bet/Line' indicator. If your game balance is less than $0.20, the system will prompt you to rebuy to the minimum value to do game play.
  • Press 'Play' to start the game.
  • All of the hexagons will rotate on an axis; each rotation of the hexagon produces a random icon and a hexagon colour. All winnings (if any) will be added together and will be paid immediately into the player's account in accordance with the paytable.
  • When there is more than one win, each of the winning paylines will then be described separately; animating their winning pathway. While the winning payline is being animated, payout information showing the value of a win for the respective payline will be 'dropped' into the talkback area (situated at the right side of the screen just above the 'Paytable' button).
  • Should the list of win information described in the talkback area exceed the space available, the player is able to scroll up and down to view all the information by resting their mouse cursor over the text in this area. To scroll up; rest the cursor over the text in the top half, alternatively; to scroll down rest the cursor over the text in the bottom half.
  • If the player has decided to control the game manually by selecting 'Play' rather than 'Auto Play' the win information will remain on view in the talkback area until the player decides to play another game (by selecting either game controls- 'Play' or 'Auto Play'). If 'Auto Play' is selected; the win information will only remain on view momentarily as the next game will start automatically. While in Auto Play, the inability to scroll the information in the talkback pane will continue to happen until either all the numbers of Auto plays are exhausted or the player decides to select the 'Stop' game control button.
  • The number of selected pay lines is multiplied by the 'bet per line', and the total bet amount is displayed under the 'Total Bet' meter, which is located at the bottom of the game screen.
  • Paid: Displays the total amount won per game.
  • Repeat Bet/Change Bet: If you have already bet, the settings selected will be automatically carried over to the subsequent play. Simply click on 'Play' to play with the same bet again. To change your bet, use the Up-arrow and Down-arrow buttons near the 'Bet/Line' indicator as explained above.
  • Credits: Your remaining game balance, after you have placed the desired bet, is shown under 'CREDIT'.
  • Your current game balance is the sum of the amounts displayed under the 'CREDIT' meter and the 'BET' meter.
  • 'AUTO PLAY': You can make use of this feature to choose 'hands free' game play for selected number of plays. To increase or decrease the auto play count choose ▲ (-) and ▼ (+) arrows displayed in the bottom right of the game screen. Maximum number of Auto Play games can be selected is 25. Click on ' Auto Play' to activate the selected option and start the game.
  • Click on 'STOP' to deactivate the AUTO PLAY option. While 'AUTO PLAY' is active, you can stop it by clicking on the 'STOP' button. If game is in progress, 'AUTO PLAY' will be stopped after completing the current game otherwise 'AUTO PLAY' is stopped immediately and normal game is restored.
  • Options: Clicking on options button present on the top centre of the screen provides a mechanism to control the sound and graphic quality.
  • Sound: Clicking on Sound image on the top centre of the game screen will turn off the sound and on deselecting it will turn on the sound. This can also be turned on and off by selecting and deselecting the sound control present in the Options menu.
  • Quality: The quality controller present in the Options menu is used to toggle the graphic quality of the game to Low/High/Medium. If the player is experiencing a slowdown during play they should select this option to increase game speed at the cost of image quality.
  • Click on 'GAME LOGS' to view the logs of the games you've played.
  • Click on 'Game Rules' to view the game rules of the game.
  • Click on 'REBUY' to buy more credits into the game from your Party Account.
  • Click on 'EXIT GAME' to leave the game and return to the lobby.
  • The game rules are identical in both real money and play money modes.
  • Click on 'QUICK DEPOSIT' button to deposit money into your Party Account


  • Initial Win Line Multiplier is x1.
  • Player has no control over the symbols and COLOURS OF THE HEXAGONS where they land as they are randomly determined by the game. The computer plays the game on behalf of the player.
  • When the PLAY button is clicked the game begins and all of the hexagons will rotate on an axis; each rotation of the hexagon produces a random icon and hexagon colour.
  • There are 9 different possible icons that sit on one of 3 possible coloured hexagons.
  • Each hexagon contains a fruit machine symbol (one of nine symbols, including cherries, grapes, lemons etc.) in one of three colours (Red, Blue or Yellow).
  • Play for fixed 20 lines.
  • Bet/Line amount can be changed by using the ▲ and ▼ arrows.
  • PLAY begins the game with the current Bet/Line and LINES.
  • Payouts are displayed on the PAYTABLE.
  • Payline wins are multiplied by the amount bet per line.
  • To qualify for a payline win the player needs at least 3 or more identical and consecutive icons from left to right on a payline. It is possible to have multiple icon wins in a single game.
  • All icon wins are counted first.
  • A "Drop" Reaction: When all icon wins have been registered, there will be a check for corresponding hexagon colours along activated lines. When 5 matching coloured hexagon appear on a payline; a "reaction" is created. All of the hexagons associated with the "reaction" will disappear. New hexagons will drop in to the vacant spaces with new icon/colour combinations. Each reaction will pay x2 the stake per line used for the respective game and the win line multiplier will advance by 1.
  • Icons excluding scattered Gold seven Scatter icon are subjected to win line multipliers.
  • Reaction payouts are not subject to win line multipliers -
  • Previous line wins not disturbed by the reaction will also be paid again and win amount is multiplied by current Win Line Multiplier.
  • If more than 1 reaction is presented at the same time, the Win Line Multiplier will only advance by 1- irrespective of the number of reactions..
  • In the same game, if another reaction occurs, all of the hexagons associated with the "reaction" will disappear and new hexagons will drop in to the vacant spaces with new icon/colour combinations and the Win Line Multiplier will increase again by 1.
  • This process continues until there are no more reactions and all wins have been registered. Any winnings will be paid immediately into your account.
    E.g.; One reaction with $1 bet/line followed by line wins
    Player clicks on the Play button and the draw result produced is: 5 cherries (icon line 1 win) = $50
    4 bells (icon line 6 win) = $70
    A reaction with 5 red hexagons on a payline 1 (reaction win = x2 the stake per line = $2)
    The hexagons involved in the reaction are replaced producing:
    3 cherries (icon line 1 win) = $16 X 2 = $32
    4 bells (icon line 6 win) (persistent win) =$70 x 2 = $140
    Hence the total win for the game= 50+70+2+140+32 = $294
  • Payout is calculated by multiplying the bet amount against the respective winning multiplier/odds.
  • A breakdown of any icon wins will be displayed (talkback area) in the winnings display, which is situated on the right hand side of the play area.
  • Scatter wins are multiplied by the total amount staked.
    Example 1:
    Bet is $25.
    As per the paytable, 5 Gold7 (scatter) pays 600 * bet * 20 lines = 600 * $25 * 20 = $300,000.
  • Scatter wins are added to payline wins. All wins occur on all 20 selected lines only except Scattered Gold Seven which pays anywhere.
  • Malfunction Voids all Pays and Plays.
  • Coinciding wins on different lit lines are all added to your total.


  • Click on PAYTABLE button in the main game, game will navigate to Paytable screen

The theoretical return to player of this game is 95.09%


The maximum win from a single game is £250,000

Last modification date: 6/3/2020