Game Type

Basic Game: 1-line, 3-reel video with free games feature

Upper Game: 5/8-lines, 3-reel video with free games feature


Old Mansion


  • Holds
  • Nudges
  • MoreMoney
  • Bonus Games
    • Soplavelas
    • Cerebrino
    • Perola
    • Tovendao
  • MysterBone
  • Spiry
  • 2 Gamble Features


Default maximum Win

500 times bet

Hit Frequency (%)

Basic Game

Upper Game






Aprox 27% (OHF)

16% HF


Aprox 29%


Aprox 29% (OHF)

19% HF


Aprox 36%


Aprox 29% (OHF)

19% HF


Aprox 37%



Aprox 48%

  • OHF (Overall hit rate)

Progressive Jackpot

Not suitable


Basic Game


Upper Game



Variations (%)








Return (%)










Game Theme and Graphics

The fun old mansion in which characters called Woonsters™ live and interact with you in several games. See the Basic and Upper games with 3 reels and the corresponding 1 and  5-8 paylines that show you a lots of bonus games and amazing features.

Basic Game

Your aim is to land 3 matching symbols along a win line. Winning combinations run from left to right across active win lines in the normal game. To win, the symbols must lie next to each other on an active win line without any other symbols coming between them. The "Soplavelas" symbol trigger the Soplavelas Bonus Game. And more: 'MoreMoney', 'Holds' and 'Nudges' will give you more fun and prizes. Collect Keys in direct prizes or by 'Up&Down'  gamble to access to the Upper Game, where more amazing Bonus Game and features wait for you.


The game gives you a chance to get a prize from a not awarded reel combination by advancing ('nudging') positions in the reels. The number of nudges available for the player ranges from 1 up to 4, awarded after a simple draw. Nudges may be performed either manually by the player or automatically by the game. (auto-nudging). Auto-nudging mode can be enabled / disabled by pressing push-button 'Auto-nudges' at any time.


The game lets the player fix the position of one or two reels, thus promoting the achievement of a prize in a subsequent reel spin without credit consumption. The game starts when the result of a not awarded reel spin shows a couple of figures that make up a possible winner combination depending on the next spin of the third reel.

More Money

Starting from a prize, a coordinated effect of voice and reels is carried out to improve the existing prize shown at the reels. The starting prize can be any of the Win Table, except for the combination of the feature game. The improvement occurs at least until the next higher prize of the Win Table and can reach the top prize Jackpot.

The improvement can be repeatead several times.

Upper Game

Your aim is to land 3 matching symbols along a win line which can be represented simultaneously from 1 to 5 lines, 8 lines in case there were 8-line plays available in the corresponding display (Spiry feature). A line combination can also trigger a Bonus Game: Soplavelas, Cerebrino, Perola and Tovendao ( Tovendao is only available playing in the maximum bet). And more: get symbol MysterBone   and an accumulative score of 7 levels will be decremented and on reaching the seventh step, the feature Mystery will start.


Six options (candles) of prize are proposed to the player. Player interrupts the effect of quick draw by selecting one option pressing PLAY button.

A certain number of times the game has skill feature, that is, the player can stop voluntarily any selectable amounts, and the draw runs slower.

A certain number of times the game delivers more prizes beyond that one selected ("extra" effect). Stopping the selected item leads to 1 to 2 amounts to be "extra" awarded.


The aim of the game is to choose the prize skillfully.

A win prize panel shows the relationship between the color of each brain and the prize value. The one with question mark keeps a monetary surprise. The moving track shows randomly the brains of different colors, waiting for the player pressing button PLAY. This is the way the player can select a brain (and its prize).


The game displays from 1 to 4 columns of bubbles in motion, depending on the bet of the Upper game.

The color of the bubbles responds to a range of prize value to guide the player in the selection. Bubbles come out from cauldrons situated on the floor of the scenary and move bottom-up.

In a column you can display 6 bubbles, but only the three leading ones are selectable and the remaining bubbles are not selectable, even if they carry a monetary value, as they are visible only to help the player wait for the best combination. The player chooses by pressing button PLAY the combination of bubbles which better fit his expectations.

There is a special effect called 'additional columns' in which, from a position upon the sequence of bubbles, the bubble generation is activated for new columns. From that moment the player can choose more columns of bubbles. This effect can also be given if the player stops the sequence before the position mentioned, in this case the new columns of bubbles appear and the new values of the bubbles are added to previously selected bubbles.


Three closed sarcophagi stand in a room. Every sarcophagus is allowing the selection of the player.

The selected sarcophagus opens up and a mummy appears opening a scroll. This scroll shows the value of the prize and randomly a key. The key indicates that the player can select another sarcophagus. If there is no key, the game ends up. In case there is a key, the other two sarcophagi are waiting for player selection. If the second selected sarcophagus contains a key (apart from the prize), the third sarcophagus opens up to show the final prize.

The final prize is the accumulation of those obtained by opening sarcophagi.


To the left of the screen, above the first reel, there is a figure of a ghost  of a ghost (Spiry) with a 7-segment score. The score indicates the number of plays with vertical lines (6, 7 and 8) active, apart from the usual 5 lines.

If the symbol of Spiry appears on reels, the score will increase by 5 units per symbol. When a play is done and score different from 0,  the score is decremented by one. When the score reaches zero, the vertical lines are disabled. The maximum value of the score is 9 (single digit).


Mystery symbol  increases a dynamic marker until it reaches its maximum. At this moment a draw takes place to get a prize.

Reels will change color, the symbol in the middle position of the middle reel will always be a "Skull", from which a beam will emerge making a draw amongst the rest of 8 positions of the reels. The player can stop the beam by pressing the button PLAY. The selected figure will be the reel prize. The reels will spin again and show a prize according to the selected figure and the Win Table.



The game gives a chance to the player to improve a prize previously achieved or, if you lose, convert the prize into bonos to play the Upper game.

The access to this game occurs whenever a monetary prize is awarded in the Basic Game (except for the Feature Game, which enters the Double/Keys game, and for the two Jackpots of highest value per bet level, which are always necessarily collected).


The game gives a chance to the player to double a monetary prize already achieved or, if you lose, convert the prize into bonos to play the Upper Game.

Last modification date: 12/15/2021