Hong Kong Tower

Game Description

A massive mix of colors and shapes welcome us as we approach the waterfront and the city skyline. All skyscrapers are high but our tower plays in a different league, it is almost as if it touches the sky. The height is dizzying and the views over the city are incredible.

After touchdowns in the Caribbean, Hollywood and Spain it is now time to look to the east. Hong Kong Tower brings exciting gameplay at dizzying heights, framed by a colorful skyline. The fusion of the two Yin yang cosmic forces ensure the energies are kept in balance while assuring significant winnings in the Wheels of the sky bonus game. There is actually a guaranteed win in Wheels of the sky. But that is not all, the leveling feature provides three different wheels to discover and releases the sweet taste of increasing wins.

Hong Kong Tower is designed for Mobile First and offers an interesting mix of mystery symbols and spiritual bonus wheels accompanied by epic music. A touch of East in a modern slot. Connecting win lines generate 99 ways to win, and there is a chance to win up to 301,650 coins in this mysterious 5 reel slot.

Key features:


99 connecting win lines


5 reels


3 rows

Hit frequency

~ 20,3 %




Hong Kong Tower

Betting Strategies

Many players change bet size based on the outcome of previous game play; this can be done automatically with Betting Strategies.

  • A Betting Strategy is a predefined betting pattern that automatically changes the bet level depending on a set of rules.
  • A player can change or turn off the Betting Strategy after any bet.
  • Auto Spin works in combination with Betting Strategies.
  • Activate a Betting Strategy by selecting bet base level and a strategy. Then press Spin button.
  • The Betting Strategy does not change the theoretical outcome of the game.
  • Optimizer adjusts the bet up or down to the closest bet level below the selected %. It remains active on the lowest bet level.
  • Betting Strategies are listed in the paytable.

Game Rules

  • Hong Kong Tower is a 5 reel, 3 rows slot with 99 connecting win lines.
  • The game offers 12 bet levels for each currency.
  • Each bet is 100 coins.
  • Bet lines are paid left to right. Only the highest win per active bet line is paid.
  • A game round starts on the selected bet level when the player hits the Spin button.
  • The game can be played automatically by activating Auto Spin. Keep the Spin button pressed to set the number of game rounds to be played automatically or use the Auto Spin button.
  • Winnings and winning combinations are paid out according to the paytable.
  • Winnings are presented in coins or in the player's preferred currency. The player can change preference in Settings.
  • Hong Kong Tower is played in two modes, Normal mode with mystery symbols and Bonus mode with the Wheels of the sky bonus game.
  • Mystery symbols reveal into one of the other symbols present on screen after the reels have stopped.
  • A mystery symbol revealing into a bonus symbol overrides other bonus symbols and counts as 5 bonus symbols. This will trigger the Wheels of the sky bonus game with two extra lives.
  • Mystery symbols that cannot generate any wins do not reveal.
  • The bonus symbol is a scatter that appears on all reels. A combination of 3 bonus symbols triggers the Wheels of the sky bonus game. 4 Bonus symbols trigger the bonus game with an extra life. 5 Bonus symbols trigger the bonus game with two extra lives.
  • One extra life is spent to save the player when an empty bonus wheel section hits. It automatically starts a new spin of the wheel.
  • Extra lives are brought to the next level of the bonus wheels as long as they haven't been used.
  • The Wheels of the sky bonus game ends when an empty bonus wheel section hits, and no extra lives remain.
  • The bonus wheel section with an arrow triggers an immediate transition to the next of the bonus wheels.
  • Payout is made at the end of the bonus game.
  • No bets can be changed during an ongoing spin or in the bonus game.
  • The theoretical payout (RTP) is 96.3%.
  • The maximum win is 301,650 coins.
  • In the event of malfunction all bets and wins are void.1. Sam on the Beach is a 5 reel, 3 rows video slot with 243 ways to win.

Last modification date: 6/4/2020