Sugar Train

Gumballs, cupcakes, lollipops and more! Sugar Train Slots will satisfy all your cravings! It’s packed with sweets and of course loads of mouthwatering wins. Sugar Train is one of the tastiest online slot games, with generous bonuses and features. You’ve never been on a ride like this before! Hop on board the Sugar Train and start spinning today! It’s no wonder why loads of people call Sugar Train their favourite online slot game! Good luck!

How to Play

Playing Sugar Train Slots is easy and delicious! Before you click on the SPIN button, select your initial wager as well as your paylines (up to 25), then get ready to see those sweets start spinning! Sugar Train also offers an Auto Play feature, which means that you can pre-select the amount of games you’d like to play (10-25) at a time. There are 2 Scatters, which are represented by the Rainbow and Gummy Bear symbols, each one triggering a tasty bonus feature. The Gummy Bear is also the game’s Substitute – it can replace other symbols across the reels, except the Rainbow, to complete a winning line. When this happens, your prize will DOUBLE! Get your sweets fix today when you play Sugar Train Slots!

Bonus Feature

Gumball Bonus

Your Gumball Bonus will be activated when the red indicator hits the top of the wigwag. New carriages will appear on the reels, and Claws will pick up 5 Gumballs from the train, each one with a prize up to 100x your wager. You’ll be rewarded with the multiplier so long as the Claw doesn’t drop the Gumball. In total, you could win up to 500x your bet!

Rainbow Pick Bonus

Your Rainbow Pick Bonus will begin when you spin at least 3 Rainbow Scatter symbols across Sugar Train’s scrumptious reels – 3 Rainbows will reward you with two picks, four will grant you three picks, and 5 Rainbows will award you five picks. And with each pick, you have the chance to multiply your wager up to 100x! Additionally, the Rainbow Pick Bonus can be activated even during Free Games. How tasty!

FREE Games Bonus

Sugar Train’s FREE Games Bonus means extra chances to win! And all you have to do is spin 3 to 5 Gummy Bear Scatters to win some of your own. You’ll get 15 FREE Games when 3 Gummy Bears appear, 20 when there are 4, and 25 when five are spun across the reels. Plus, your FREE Games Bonus can be reactivated up to 15 times! 


The Return to Player for this game is 95.0%.

The maximum win from a single game is £250,000

Last modification date: 6/21/2020