Mayan Blocks Powerplay Jackpot

6-Reel, 7-Row Cluster Slot

The objective of Mayan Blocks™ PowerPlay Jackpot is to obtain winning symbol combinations by spinning the reels.

To Play the Game:

  • Press on the entry screen to enter the main game. You can also press DON'T SHOW NEXT TIME to skip the entry screen the next time you play.

  • To open bet settings, press the сoin button.

  • Press - or + above TOTAL BET to choose the total bet.

  • Press the SPIN button to spin the reels with the current bet.

  • During the reel spin the SPIN button becomes disabled.

  • In the case of a winning spin, the WIN field displays the accumulating winnings.

  • Wins are calculated according to the paytable.


  • The reels are spun automatically in autoplay.
  • To display the list of options, hold the spin button, select the number of spins to be played automatically, and then press START AUTOPLAY.
  • During autoplay, the number of remaining spins is displayed.
  • Autoplay ends when:
    • The reels have spun the number of times specified.
    • You do not have sufficient funds for the next spin.
    • A feature has been triggered.
  • You can end autoplay by pressing STOP AUTOPLAY.


  • To open the paytable, press the INFO button.

  • The paytable is scrollable.

  • To close the reference pages and return to the game, press the back-arrow button.

About Payouts:

  • The accumulating winnings and all wins are shown for each winning spin. In the case of large wins, a win pop-up opens displaying the total spin revenue.

Cluster wins:

  • Wins are achieved when 5 or more matching symbols land on adjacent symbol positions horizontally and/or vertically.
  • Winning symbols are removed, and new symbols will fall to fill the gaps.
  • All symbols that do not participate in a win will stay on the reels. If a symbol under it participated in a win and disappears, the symbol that did not participate in a win will collapse.
  • The WILD symbol that participates in more than 1 collapse, will not collapse in the first win calculation and will also affect the second win calculation.
  • Wins are calculated according to the paytable. Wins are multiplied by the coin value. The coin value is the total bet / 10.

Maximum win limit:

  • The maximum win in the game has an upper limit. For more information, see the Terms and Conditions.

Wild Symbol

  • The symbol with the letter ‘W’ on it is the WILD symbol in the game.
  • The WILD symbol substitutes for all other symbols, except for BONUS symbols, to form the best possible winning combination.

Bonus Symbol

  • The crystal symbol is the BONUS symbol in the game.
  • When 4 or more BONUS symbols land simultaneously anywhere on the reels, the Free Games + Multiplier Boost Spin feature is triggered.
  • The feature can be triggered during the main game only.

Retrigger Symbol

  • The crystal with a ‘+1’ on it is the RETRIGGER symbol in the game.
  • The RETRIGGER symbol awards 1 extra free game per each RETRIGGER symbol that lands during the Free Games + Multiplier Boost Spin feature.
  • The RETRIGGER symbol appears during the feature only.

Mega Symbols

  • Every symbol in the game, except for WILD, BONUS, and RETRIGGER symbols, can appear as 2×2, or 3×3 MEGA symbols.
  • MEGA symbols are calculated as following:
    • 2×2 MEGA symbol is counted as 4 adjacent symbols of a kind.
    • 3×3 MEGA symbol is counted as 9 adjacent symbols of a kind, which forms a cluster win.

Collapsing Reels:

  • Any win triggers the collapsing reels feature.
  • Winning symbols disappear after they pay out, causing non-winning symbols above them to drop and new symbols to fall from above.
  • The reels will continue to collapse until no new winning combinations are formed.
  • Symbols disappear in the order of their value. Low-win symbols disappear first, then the high-win symbols disappear.
  • The reels can collapse up to 50 times in a single spin.

Mystery Random Wild Symbols

  • Mystery Random Wild symbols spread on the reels after all wins are calculated and the reels stop collapsing.
  • The Mystery Random Wild feature can potentially form more additional wins, triggering more collapses.

Win Multiplier:

  • Each win is multiplied by the win multiplier.
  • Each win increases the win multiplier by +X1.
  • The win multiplier resets to ×1 when no new wins are formed in the main game and the reels stop collapsing.

Free Games + Multiplier Boost Spin

  • When 4 or more BONUS symbols simultaneously appear anywhere on the reels, 8 free games are triggered.
  • To start Free Games feature, press on the pop-up window.
  • MEGA symbols and Mystery Random Wild symbols can appear during Free Games.
  • During Free Games, the win multiplier does not reset between spins and can only grow.
  • The Multiplier Boost Spin is triggered on the last Free Games spin.
  • During the Multiplier Boost Spin, the win multiplier can be boosted to a random win multiplier up to ×20.
  • When the Free Games feature ends, press the button on the resulting pop-up screen to return to regular gameplay.

Powerplay Jackpot

  • The Powerplay Jackpot includes: Mega Powerplay Jackpot, Peak Powerplay Jackpot and Mini Powerplay Jackpot.
  • The Mega Powerplay ticker shows the value of the Mega Powerplay Jackpot. The Mega Powerplay Jackpot is a progressive jackpot game. It is accumulated from all players’ bets in all games which feature the Mega Powerplay Jackpot, among all online casinos that offer these games.
  • The Peak Powerplay Jackpot ticker shows the value of the Peak Powerplay Jackpot.
  • Spinning the reels before the Peak Powerplay Jackpot ticker reaches the amount shown can trigger the Peak Powerplay Jackpot.
  • The Mini Powerplay Jackpot ticker shows the value of the Mini Powerplay Jackpot.
  • Spinning the reels before the Mini Powerplay Jackpot ticker reaches the amount shown can trigger the Mini Powerplay Jackpot.

Please note:

  • Any spin of any amount can trigger a Jackpot.
  • The larger your bet, the greater your chance of winning a Jackpot.
  • All Powerplay Jackpots can be won during the main game only.
  • For each bet placed, the operator contributes to the jackpot fund.
  • Each contribution is equal to 2.99% of each bet placed.
  • The jackpots are linked to several Powerplay Jackpot games, which are available through multiple casinos. The jackpots can be won by placing a bet in any of these games in any of the participating casinos.
  • The Mega Powerplay Jackpot, Peak Powerplay Jackpot, Mini Powerplay Jackpot are funded by the operator.
  • The seed pot funds the Mega Powerplay Jackpot seed, Peak Powerplay Jackpot seed, the Mini Powerplay Jackpot seed. (The seed is the amount of money a jackpot begins with.)

Please note:

  • If 2 players win a jackpot at the same time, the 1st player will be awarded the seed and the progressive amount, and the 2nd player will win the seed together with any accumulated progressive part accrued in the time between when the 1st player won the jackpot and when the 2nd player won the jackpot.

Return to Player:

  • The theoretical percentage return to player (RTP) that includes the Jackpot Contribution is 95.31%.

Note on disconnections:

  • If you are disconnected from the internet during:

    • A spin, the reels will display the result after you reconnect and any winnings will be added to your balance.
    • A bonus feature or the triggering spin, you will be automatically directed to the feature after you reconnect.
    • Autoplay, the spin will be automatically completed, but further spins will not automatically commence.
  • To see the outcome of your previous round after you log back into the portal, press the game history icon on the bottom toolbar.

Last modification date: 4/21/2022