Any questions? We can answer some of the major issues here.

Why do I have to share my personal data when registering? This is a necessary condition to be able to take advantage of everything we have to offer you at bwin. We need your first name, last name and address to contact you, your date of birth allows us to confirm that you are of legal age to sign up with us, and your email is if you’ve any issues – we can contact you.


Why do I have to send a copy of my ID? Age verification is needed by Spanish law as we are legally obliged to clearly identify all of our customers via an ID.


Is there a schedule for this process? The process, known as Know Your Customer (KYC), follows the following schedule.


  • Provide an ID within 30 days of signing up - otherwise the account will be closed.
  • Once receiving your ID, we’ll aim to verify it within 24 hours.


What can I use as ID? We accept any government-issued ID card, although it must clearly state your first name, last name, date of birth, place of birth, and a photo of you.


Why wasn’t my ID accepted? Your ID was not accepted because it must clearly show your first name, last name, date of birth, place of birth, and a photo of you, and your ID was not clear. If it is an ID or a driving licence, you must send both the front side and the back side.


Is it safe to upload my personal documents? We guarantee that your documents are secure once they leave your computer using 'SSL' technology. Thus, you can be sure that your documents cannot be intercepted when submitting via the Internet.


How are my documents protected once I send them to you? Your documents are stored in a highly protected data centre that is equipped with numerous levels of security control, which protects your information against unauthorised access.

Who has access to my documents? Only employees who work on verifying your documents have access to this data.

I don't have a scanner to scan my documents - what can I do? It’s easy, you can use a digital camera, your phone, or a webcam to take a picture of your documents. Just make sure they’re clear!