Cash Cookout

Cash Cookout

Welcome to the BBQ party Cash Cookout!

Match Winning Numbers to Your Numbers to win! Reveal the grill utensils to ‘win all’ twelve displayed Your Number prizes without having to match!

How to Play

Ticket Cost

Displays the current ticket cost. Press the left arrow (–) to decrease the ticket cost. Press the right arrow (+) to increase the ticket cost. Press BUY to deduct the ticket cost from the balance and play the game.

Reveal All

Press REVEAL ALL to play the game to completion automatically. Game play continues until all selections have been made.

About the Game

The object of the game is to match Winning Numbers to Your Numbers to win the associated prize.

Game Screen

After a ticket is purchased, the game displays three Winning Numbers, twelve Your Numbers, and an REVEAL ALL button.

Winning a Prize

Select tiles or press REVEAL ALL to reveal numbers. Match any of the Your Numbers money stacks to any of the Winning Numbers sauce bottles to win the prize shown for that number.

Revealing the grill utensils symbol wins all twelve displayed Your Number prizes.

Game Completion

When all the bottles and money stacks are revealed, the game ends. A closing message then appears indicating the game outcome.


Misuse or malfunction voids all pays and plays.

Wins are shown in currency.

Additional Information

Expected Payback

For this game, the long-term, theoretically-expected payback is from 85.00% to 93.00%.

Intellectual Property

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