Casino Session Limits

    When you start a session in our Casino, it's necessary to set session limits before you can start playing. The "Maximum loss limit" is the maximum amount to bet on the session and the "Maximum time limit" is the duration of the session. Establishing these limits is mandatory to start a new session. You can also set a time limit between sessions. If you do that, there is a legal requirement for the amount of time you choose to pass before you can start your next gaming session.

    To start a new session and select new limits, you can either use up the remaining loss balance or wait for the maximum session time to expire. If you have set limits between sessions, you’ll have to wait for the selected time to pass before you can start the new session. To use up your remaining loss balance, you can play Slots like Melon Madness which allow you to select spins with a stake of 0.01 EUR. You must lower the lines to one, and the stake to 0.01 EUR and then make spins until the remaining balance runs out. Once you have used your remaining balance in the session or the "Maximum Time Limit" has expired, you can start a new Casino session and set new limits.

Last modification date: 11/30/2020