Slots Jackpot Contribution

The following table shows the Slots Jackpot contribution in cents made on behalf of the player for every 1 euro wagered.

Jackpot Name Contribution amount in cents, for every Euro wagered.
The Big One Colossal Cash 0.350
The Big One Mega Cash 0.200
The Big One Super Cash 0.150
The Big One Quick Cash 0.250
The Big One Blitz Cash 0.027
Gold Mega Jackpot 0.55
Gold Super Jackpot 0.07
Gold Quick Jackpot 0.07
Gold Blitz Jackpot 0.11
Hercules Jackpot 2.76
Poseidon Jackpot 3.92
Firestorm Jackpot Ember 2
Firestorm Jackpot Blaze 1
Firestorm Jackpot Inferno 1
Drunken Knight Jackpot Buzzed 2
Drunken Knight Jackpot Tipsy 1
Drunken Knight Jackpot Smashed! 1