How can I obtain a higher deposit limit and which regulatory requirements do I have to fulfill?

You can request an increase of your deposit limit on the account page under Deposit limits.

If you request the increase of your maximum deposit limit, special regulatory requirements have to be fulfilled.

Please visit the links below for:

  • the test you have to pass as part of the process to obtain a higher deposit limit
  • important information and awareness material you need to read
  • extended General Terms and Conditions you must accept as a pre-condition to obtaining a higher limit
  1. Responsible Gaming
  2. DGOJ Test
  3. Self-help tool Harvard Medical School
  4. Extended Terms and Conditions

    Customers who explicitly apply for an increase of their deposit limits beyond the default of
    EUR 3,000 per month and/or
    EUR 1,500 per week and/or
    EUR 600 per day
    and explicitly confirm the increase of deposit limits are subject to the following additional conditions:

    Maximum deposit limit amounts offered by the company or set by the customer may only be increased upon request and are subject to acceptance by the company, in compliance with the applicable law and explicit confirmation by the customer.

    At the time of confirming such a request, the customer also confirms that he/she:

    1. Has never been diagnosed as a pathological gambler
    2. Has never undergone treatment for pathological gambling
    3. Has never lost control over gambling expenses
    4. Has read and understood the awareness material provided by the company and knows about the risks of gambling
    5. Has completed the self-test provided by the company and found no indication of gambling-related risk
    6. Has completed the motivational tool (Self-Help Toolkit) provided by the company and still wishes to obtain an increase of the maximum deposit limit
    7. Accepts the proposed deposit limits and can afford to play up to the proposed limits without putting his/her financial situation at risk
    8. Will immediately notify the company about any change in his/her financial situation that may require a lower deposit limit
    9. Will immediately notify the company if he/she ever faces an episode of loss of control over his/her gambling

A new increased deposit limit will be available once a period of seven (7) days has elapsed and provided that you accept the extended Terms and Conditions at the first log-in once the referred period of time has elapsed.

Should you have any question or problems retrieving the material, our Customer Service team will be glad to help.