Original Roulette

How to Play

Game Introduction

Original Roulette is a classic single zero European Roulette game. 
Simply predict where the ball will land to win!
At the start of each game a random number between 0 and 36 is drawn. 
The draw result will be shown where the ball comes to rest on the wheel. 
If a successful selection is made, your stake will be multiplied by the win odds. 

RTP: 97.30%

How to Bet

Select the stake increment HIGH, MEDIUM or LOW using the STAKE button.
Select where you want to place your chips by pressing positions on the table.
Adjust the unit stake for each bet by pressing a placed chip. 
The minimum total stake per spin is set at €1.00 
The minimum unit stake on the inside bet is €0.20. 
The maximum unit stake on the outside bet is €4,500.00. 
The maximum table bet permitted is €10,000.00. 

How to Play

To begin the game, press the ‘SPIN’ button.
To repeat the previous bet, press the ‘LAST BET’ button. 
Press the ‘NEIGHBOURS BET’ button to enter the neighbours bet view.
Select the ‘TABLE BET’ button to return to the table bet view. 
Press the ‘REMOVE CHIPS’ button followed by the chip you wish to remove. 
Press the ‘REMOVE ALL CHIPS’ button to remove all placed chips. 

Neighbours Bet

The Neighbours Bet view is used to bet on a portion of the wheel.
Select the amount of adjacent numbers by pressing the arrows..
A chip placed will automatically add multiple chips on the selected adjacent numbers. 


Single Number Pays 35/1 
Split Number (2 Numbers) Pays 17/1 
Row/Split (3 Numbers) Pays 11/1 
Split (4 Numbers) Pays 8/1 
Split Row (6 Numbers) Pays 5/1 
Column/Dozen (12 Numbers) Pays 2/1 
Red/Black Odd/Even High/Low Numbers Pays 1/1 

Last modification date: 3/19/2021