Gems Odyssey


  • Gems Odyssey is a match-three game played on a five by five board featuring an ‘AI’ (Artificial Intelligence) mode, helping the player solve the board faster.
  • Wins are achieved by filling Gem bars with seven gems.
  • Bars are filled by blasting clusters of Gems.
  • Gem clusters include three or more identical tiles connected horizontally or vertically, but not diagonally.
  • Collected Gems are removed from the board and sent to their corresponding Gem bar.
  • Each Gem bar has a different reward.
  • Gem bars can be filled multiple times per game.
  • All wins are accumulated and granted once the game is over.
  • Each Gem bars’ winnings and feature payouts are made according to the paytable.
  • All bars are reset when starting a new game.                   
  • The theoretical payout of the game (RTP) is 95%
  • The maximum win from a single game is £250,000 or 10,000xBet - whichever is reached first (depending on currency. Other Operator limits may apply).

How to play

  • Set the bet amount
  • Press the “Play” button to start the game.
  • Blast Gem clusters to fill the Gems’ respective bars or activate their special feature.
  • The game is over once there are no more valid clusters on the board.

Game Mode

There are two game modes:

  • ‘AI’ (Artificial Intelligence) - enables the game to blast clusters automatically.
  • ‘Manual’ (Manual) - enables the player to manually select the cluster they would like to blast.

The player may only select their prefered game mode between games (i.e., before selecting the “Play” button).
The last selected game mode is kept for future sessions.


  • Autoplay allows you to play a number of games automatically in ‘AI’ mode.
  • To activate autoplay, select the autoplay button and choose the number of games you would like to play automatically.
  • You may stop the autoplay sequence at any time by clicking the stop button.

Advanced Autoplay Options

In order to set a limit which, once met, will cause autoplay to stop, select the “Advanced” button in the autoplay menu and choose the limit(s) you wish to apply by selecting the relevant radio button.
The optional limits to stop autoplay are:

  • If a single win exceeds or equals the specified amount.
  • If your balance decreases by the specified amount.
  • If your balance increases by the specified amount.                   

Autoplay settings are not saved and should be manually set each time you start an autoplay session.

Nebula Stones

Nebula Stones are granted upon blasting a cluster of Nebula Stone tiles. There are four types of Nebula Stones, each one with a different range of rewards:

  • Common
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Mythical        

The Nebula Stones will be exchanged for monetary rewards upon a Level Up.
Nebula stones earned during the game are kept in the player inventory until leveling up for next level.

  • Check your inventory of Nebula Stones at any time by clicking the Nebula Stone inventory button.
  • The Nebula Stone’s reward is a multiplier of the bet for the game it was received in.
  • Progression and nebulas are saved when exiting and re-entering the game.

Leveling Up            

  • Level Up by collecting points to meet the next level’s point criterion.
  • Each tile blasted grants one point towards the next Level Up (except Nebula Stone and Jackpot tiles that don't grant points).
  • The Nebula Stones are exchanged for monetary rewards and cleared from the inventory upon a Level Up.
  • The game has endless levels.                   

Second Chance Feature

  • The Second Chance feature may be activated on non-winning games.
  • The Second Chance feature will trigger one free game.
  • The Second Chance feature cannot be triggered while playing a Second Chance game.
  • All normal game rules apply during the Second Chance feature.

Jackpot Feature

  • Blasting a cluster of Jackpot tiles will grant a reward equal to X1000 the bet value.

Game Functions

  • Play button - start a game round with the selected bet amount.
  • Stop button (available only in autoplay mode) - stops autoplay sequence at the end of the current game.
  • Game mode button - toggle between ‘AI’ and ‘Man’ game modes.
  • Autoplay button - opens the autoplay pop-up.
  • Nebula Stones inventory button - opens the Nebula Stones inventory screen.
  • Set bet button - opens a pop-up in which the bet amount can be set.
  • Mute button - mute or unmute the game sound.
  • Settings button - opens the settings menu.

Disconnection policy

  • Due to the game’s communication medium nature, the player may experience interruptions, delays or a termination of gameplay.
  • In the event of unexpected interruption or termination of a real play game, the game will recover to the last known state.
  • Should a disconnection occur after a bet has been placed but before the current game is complete, in your next game session you will be prompted to start the game you played before the interruption.
  • Any malfunction in the game voids all payouts.

Last modification date: 10/24/2019