Bingo 90


Bingo 90 is an online Instant Win Game which uses real bingo mechanics. A player begins with a ticket containing 15 unique numbers between 1 and 90.
35 balls are then drawn from a hopper containing all numbers between 1 and 90, and any drawn ball numbers that match ticket numbers are automatically daubed. A player can purchase up to
6 tickets in one game, with each ticket costing the stake price. If certain patterns are matched from the daubed balls then prizes will be won. The required patterns are displayed in the game.

How to play

Before beginning, a player can choose up to six tickets to play (click/tap to select more tickets, or click/tap again to deselect a previously selected ticket, if you have selected more than 1). The
initial ticket can be deselected but only after selecting another ticket. Each ticket costs the same as the stake price, so playing all tickets will cost original Stake * 6.

5 or 10 Auto Games can be chosen or each game can be played individually. There is also a quick game option available, which speeds up the ball draw.
In order to play:

i) After selecting the stake and tickets a player has to click on "PLAY" button.
ii) For playing next game, the player has to click on "NEW GAME" at first and then player can
select the other buttons (Help, Info, Stake, Quick Play, 5 Games, 10 Games). Start the game
play by clicking on "PLAY" button.

Above: The main Bingo screen. Winning patterns are described at the bottom along with the amount that can be won with the current stake. If there is more than one way to match a set
pattern (e.g. horizontal or vertical), the player can click the pattern to view other win possibilities and potential win amounts, which will appear in an overlay. To close the overlay they click it
again. At this stage only one ticket is being played, which is the default configuration. Upon selecting “Play”, the hopper will begin to spin and the draw will commence.

Above: The main screen with six tickets selected. Tickets can be deselected and the stake returned for the deselected tickets. 6 tickets max can be selected. 5 tickets at most can be

Above: The game (with one ticket) was played and the balls were drawn from the hopper and those matching daubed on the ticket. The game is now over and one pattern has been matched
by some of the daubed balls. The patterns are highlighted in sequence (i.e. if more than one pattern has been matched, they will highlight one after the other) and the example win of 0.2 is
added to the player account.
When a win occurs, the pattern given in the bottom of the game screen shows the total number of winning count for each panel. This appears as a number inside a yellow circle.
A new game can now be selected. The entire game play for a single game lasts around 10 seconds, and half of that for a “Quick Play” option.

Note that the 15 numbers on a ticket will change every game and are randomly selected. This
applies also for autoplay.
The bottom left button with the icon of the speaker can disable sounds. When sounds are disabled it will show a red cross symbol on the button.
The wrench icon will be detailed below and refers to UKGC features. The “HELP” button will provide a short tutorial about how to play the game, while the info button does not function until
the game is deployed to the site of the operator.

Paytable and Patterns

There are two RTPs for the game, one of 94.3% and one of 70.2%
NOTE: The prize values below are win amounts when playing one ticket with a base default stake of 1. Additional tickets (up to 6) can be played at the same time, each costing the same
value as base stake (so playing with a stake of 1 and using 6 tickets will be a total stake of 6). Meanwhile the prize value will not change with the purchase of additional tickets. Only base
stake will affect payout/prize. There is a dynamic payout for each pattern according to the selected stake - prize amounts that can be won will change accordingly based on the stake
The stakes are 0.1, 0.2, 0.5, 1, 5, 10. To calculate total prize for a base stake, multiply the stake by the “Payout / prize” column below. With the highest stake, this would mean the top
prize is 500,000.
Note that simultaneous or coinciding wins on different patterns are added together.

The maximum win from a single game is £250,000

Last modification date: 6/19/2020